Microsoft shows how the Game Mode of Windows 10 works in a video

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Microsoft’s commitment to implementing Windows 10 as a gaming platform will be much more appealing to those who are subscribed to the Creators Update Insider program : this week will begin testing the long awaited Game Mode that will optimize the performance of Games on desktop computers improving resources through […]


Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft join forces to monitor the development of artificial intelligence

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So far, the big technology companies seemed to have gone their own way in the development of artificial intelligence. We have seen how all point this avenue of research and how many have released their platforms for developers and researchers to contribute to the development of these platforms with all […]


How has Microsoft that Linux console run on Windows 10?

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Microsoft surprised us with the news that soon everyone can run a bash console Linux natively on Windows 10. The feature, available for Windows Insiders in future builds of Windows 10, you can then turn to those members that community can evaluate it. In summer this option will extend to all audiences with the […]

Microsoft Surface Phone

The return of the rumors, do you really see a Surface Phone someday?

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The rumors that have to do with Microsoft making hardware can become endless over the years; perhaps the most repeated it is the phone Surface, which few doubt after the transformation of the company into creative gadgets. Lately we have found products that take luster to their platform as Surface Pro or Surface Book.