How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

Cyber attacks are something that is, unfortunately, the order of the day. We have to protect ourselves as much as we can, both at the user level and if we have a company that operates over the Internet since there is a constant danger. One of the best ways to be calmer is to have a VPN, which is reliable, fast and secure to be able to contain any type of attempt to undermine our privacy.

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN?

As you well know, each year, there are hundreds of cases in which the security of both users and companies is compromised by attacks that manage to decipher everything concerning the access data, passwords or even the files that are stored online or that have some type of link with the network, even if they are actually on a physical medium. So that this does not happen, we can use what a secure VPN is, but for this, we first have to know what a VPN is.

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

What is VPN?

A VPN (a virtual private network ) is a service that will allow us to connect to the Internet through what is called an encrypted tunnel, with which we achieve greater privacy, security and protection of everything we have online.

VPNs give us privacy since, thanks to their protocols, there is no record of which pages we visit or where we are actually entering. In addition, they are safe and protect us for the same reason since, since all the information is encrypted, the possible problems that we could have been minimized thanks to this system.

VPNs protect us

VPNs can be instruments for all types of users, from those who are obsessed with their privacy and do not want anyone to know where they are browsing, to those who may have their freedom in question in certain countries of the world, serving this system as a way of reporting their situation, even those who see services like Netflix or any similar platform as in other countries are more complete and want to take advantage of said content. These are some examples, but we could give you many more.

The networks

But we also get something that any type of network user wants to have at all costs, such as being protected against possible attacks. VPNs can protect us against many of these attacks, being especially effective against phishing, which is nothing more than strategies that cybercriminals use to steal passwords and credentials or try to impersonate our identity.

Having a good VPN can help us protect ourselves since the best of this type of service have extremely strict systems against data leaks or detecting threats that may come from the network, from emails, false links or other types of attacks.

How you have been able to read having a VPN is very interesting as well as necessary, but of course, if we have one of the best, such as the one provided by Surfshark, its value will increase considerably.

Surfshark VPN

We are talking about one of the safest VPN services that exist right now and that give us a really good connection speed, since many VPNs cause browsing fluidity to be considerably reduced, something that with Surfshark is not going to happen to us.

We will be very well protected against all types of hacking, malware, phishing, theft of our identity, advertising manipulation or ISP tracking, as some other Internet provider does, among other things.

Surfshark VPN has more than 800 servers from 50 countries whose security features are one of its main assets. If we talk about speed, it is one of the fastest currently on the market, in addition to having the main tunnelling protocols (OpenVPN, Ikev2, Transport Layer Security, SSH or Wireguard, among others) and with the possibility of working with services of our day to how are Netflix, torrent programs or being able to enter some websites suspended in our own country. All this means that we are, without a doubt, before a VPN of enormous quality and reliability.

How to use Surfshark VPN

In order for us to use this service, all we have to do is register, as we normally do on any web page. Once we have done it, it is time to download Surfshark VPN for the devices we want, being compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, iOS, Android and with extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

From Surfshark, they offer us several modalities to contract their VPN systems in order to better adapt to all kinds of possibilities and situations.

How to connect airpods to windows laptop

How to connect airpods to windows laptop?

Connect the Airpods to a PC with a Windows operating system: here are the tools you need and how to configure this type of wireless earphones to the computer. For years Apple and Microsoft have been very fierce protagonists of a technological rivalry as intense as it is exciting. Yet today many would like, and actually can connect AirPods to PCs that support Windows. The same people who probably prefer the solidity and clearer sound of the Apple’s earphones, but who have always chosen the operating system signed by the Redmond giant when it comes to computers.

Galaxy Book Flex

Galaxy Book Flex Review: The return of Samsung laptops in style!

If there is a frustrating thing about our job, it is to go around fairs and events, sometimes attending presentations of fantastic products that arrive in our area after too long or do not arrive at all, a bit the same feeling that we felt months ago at the sight of the new Samsung laptops and the Galaxy Book Flex. For once, however, our wishes have been fulfilled, with a return in style on the market – after years of hiding – which starts from three particular and unique machines, capable of immediately pushing on the accelerator.


4 Tips for maintaining your Mac

A Mac is one of the best computers you can buy. However, like any other electronic device, it needs a lot of care to work and last. With the idea that you learn to do the best maintenance of your Mac, in Applications and Technology we will give you four basic tips to avoid damaging your device.

Keep in mind that these tips are only for maintenance on your Mac and not for repairs because the screen has been damaged, or due to overload. If you need to repair your Mac, iFixRapid helps you solve it and identify the problem so that you optimize your budget in the best way, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

If your problem is that the Mac is slow, and then take note of the advice, we are going to give you to solve it. The problems of the computers that have Mac OS as operating system begin to manifest when you install too many programs, because you reach the hard disk capacity limit.

We recommend you start using an external hard drive so you can backup all important documents. In this way, you will avoid losing data in the future, regardless of whether or not you have done the maintenance of your Mac.

Remember that your computer at any time may present a failure. Therefore, if you have too important files it is preferable that you have them on two different devices, so as not to lose them.

To improve the performance of your Mac you must install the updates

If your Mac runs slow it is probably because it does not have the necessary updates. Therefore, a key part of maintaining your Mac is to check that the Mac Os version is up to date.

Apple always finds solutions that improve the performance of your Mac computer, thereby reducing or eliminating the slowed down processes that may affect it. In the Mac world, it is always best to install the latest updates unless your device is considered obsolete or has no support. In all other cases, the Mac OS update will always improve performance.

To check what updates you can install, you must enter the Mac App Store. Once there, click on “Updates” and so you can update your Mac to the latest version.

To optimize your Mac you must delete the applications that you no longer use

As with Windows or Smartphones with Android operating system, the more programs are installed, the more tasks will be running in the background. For this reason, in many cases the processor becomes slower and increases the execution timeout.

As our goal is to improve performance through the maintenance of your Mac,   we will tell you what you should do to reduce the number of processes that are carried out in the background.

All you have to do is delete all the applications or programs you don’t use. In this way, you will free the memory and leave more space for your mobile to run applications that you do need.

To check all the programs your computer has, you must go to the menu bar, click on “Go” and then select “Applications”. There the list of all the Apps you have installed will be displayed.

Once you have decided which programs you want to remove, you can start uninstalling them. To do this you can drag the application to the trash or right click and select move to the trash.

Maintain the hard drive of your computer

When you do maintenance of your Mac you should also check the hard drive. It is important to check the status of the hard drive, as this will help you avoid losing data, as well as minimize errors.

In most cases, the problems you find on the hard drive can be solved immediately. But when you can’t do anything, it is best to make a backup of your files.

Doing the analysis of your hard drive is very simple. First you must go to the menu bar and click on “Go” and then on “Utilities”. Then you will select “Disk Utility” and choose the “Main Hard Disk”. When you are there, click on “First help”.

In case of an error, you should start the repair of your Mac by clicking on the + R command.

You must clean the Mac in depth

Finally, to maintain your Mac, you must check what is taking up more space on your hard drive. Click on the Mac icon and then select “Storage.”

When the calculation is finished, you will be able to observe a bar that will inform you how much space each type of file you have stored on your computer is occupying in your memory. And at this point, you can start cleaning your Mac’s hard drive. To see more details you must click on “Manage”.

The most advisable thing is that you start on recommendations, which will appear at the top of the list. There they will give you the advice of what files you should delete. For example, it will tell you to delete the iTunes movies you have already seen or to clean the trash.

In the other categories, you will see what occupies the most memory in each of them. This way you will know what applications, documents or iBooks are filling your hard drive.

If you carry out these maintenance tips for your Mac, we assure you that you will be able to optimize the performance and speed of your Mac to make it look like new. And if you know any more advice, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments.

Macbook Air 2018

Macbook Air 2018, it is better portable but also more expensive

10 years after presenting in an envelope the first Macbook Air, which at the time stood out for its reduced thickness, we spent a few weeks with the new Macbook Air 2018.

This Apple laptop maintains the idea of entry equipment to the Mac world improving performance of a generation that had been left far behind but with the counterpart of a rise in price that makes it less attractive compared to its rivals, especially within the ecosystem itself.

Macbook Air 2018 Data Sheet

With hardly any changes in three years, the MacBook Air that seemed destined to disappear from the Apple notebook catalog was substantially renewed.

The novelties arrived in practically all the important sections: design, screen and of course also the interior. In all cases the Macbook Air picked up elements that were already common in the other Macbook of the Apple catalog.

Macbook Air 2018
Macbook Air 2018
Screen IPS Retina LCD panel (2560 x 1600 dots) with 227 ppi, 13.3 inches, LED backlight and 16:10 aspect ratio
Processor Intel Core i5 dual-core 1.6 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GH) and 4 MB of level 3 cache
RAM 8 GB of integrated LPDDR3 memory at 2.133 MHz (expandable up to 16 GB)
Storage PCIe SSD of 128 GB. Configuration option with 256 GB, 512 GB or 1.5 TB SSD
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 617. Compatible with external graphics processors (eGPU) with Thunderbolt 3 technology
Camera FaceTime HD at 720p
Connectivity Wireless connection WiFi 802.11ac 
Bluetooth 4.2 
2 USB-C ports USB-C 3.1 Gen 2
Additional features Integrated Touch ID sensor
Drums 50.3 Wh
Dimensions 30.41 x 21.24 x 1.56 cm
Weight 1.25 kg
Price $1199

From its data sheet calls the attention that there is only a possible choice of processor, a Core i5 dual-core serial that comes with a SSD of only 128 GB, very small amount of storage for the starting price it offers us.

But let’s analyze in detail the design and behavior of this Apple entry laptop.

Less Air and more Macbook

If the differentiation between Macbook models was quite clear until last year, the arrival of the new MacBook Air 2018 much equals the appearance of the “small” range of laptops from Apple.

On a shelf, the three 13-inch Macbook look like twin brothers, especially the Macbook and the MacBook Air thanks to the reduction of frames of the second.

The new MacBook Air suddenly happens to be a compact device for its screen diagonal. This advantage is added to what we already offered: weight content (1.25 kg) and reduced thickness (1.5 cm). Despite its typical wedge finish, the Macboook Air 2018 is not as Apple’s thinnest laptop or market.

Macbook Air 2018 is finished in aluminum, which is 100% recycled, details in which Apple insists enough and that for some users may be an extra to consider. But the look and feel is the same as other equipment of the same material.

It is available in three shades: space gray, silver and gold, the model we have tested and that, live has a clear pink tone.

Macbook Air 2018

In the design of the new Macbook Air 2018 we found two speakers located on both sides of the keyboard. With them we get a powerful and clear sound that greatly improves that of previous generations.

Another novelty of the design of the Macbook Air 2018 is in the fingerprint reader with Touch ID, which is located on the start button and allows us to use biometric identification both to identify us in the system and for the management of passwords and payments on-line.

The operation is just as reliable and fast as in iOS devices that still include Touch ID technology, including the availability of the T2 chip for the encryption of biometric data.

Something that has not changed much in the new Macbook Air 2018 is the subject of connectivity. Rather the physical reduction of it. In the new model we have only two USB-C ports that are also located on the same side, the left. In the right we only find a headphone port, so the connectivity is limited and will surely require the use of adapters, of which none is included in series.

The good news around the two USB-C ports is that they are complete. They are USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 and in both cases can work for load and output DisplayPort and Thunderbolt (up to 40 GB / s). In that case we can connect up to two screens 4K or 5K (5120×2880 pixels).

A screen more in line with the market (and its price)

As we said, the frames of the new MacBook Air 2018 have been reduced significantly compared to the previous generation but do not yet reach the edges. However, it is not something that surprised us because we have already seen it in the Macbook Pro.

It is also new in this section on the screen the resolution and global quality of the panel, for me the aspect in which the previous generation had stayed behind after 3 years without being significantly renewed.

Macbook Air 2018

The new Macbook Air offers an IPS panel with a 13.3-inch diagonal, 16:10 aspect ratio and 2560 x 1600-point resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 227 ppi. In a team of this price, even with that of the previous generation, it was an improvement that was not feasible not to have already.

Apple also includes in this panel an improved reproduction of the color space (100% sRGB) to make a leap of global quality and not just resolution.

Despite this substantial progress between generations, the panel has room for improvement especially in the level of brightness, around 300 nits, a value that makes it vulnerable in very bright as well as outdoor environments.

Keyboard and touchpad: Apple insists on its idea

The Macbook Air 2018 keeps Apple’s idea around the keyboard of an Ultrabook. The butterfly mechanism that presented us with the Macbook evolves into a new generation that is more stable when pressed and includes individual protection with plastic membrane to try to avoid the problems that this system has given to previous generations.

The touch of the keyboard of the Macbook Air 2018 is peculiar and requires adaptation, especially for the route, which is very small for the usual keyboard even ultrabooks. In addition, its loudness is considerable if you tend to hit them with force. But when you get used to it, it is a high-level keyboard to write for hours, although I personally prefer a little more travel on the keys.

The most positive of the keyboard of the Macbook Air is again in the size of its keys and in the backlight, which is individual and also automatically adjustable thanks to an ambient light sensor. This behavior, if it does not convince us, we can manage it in the system options.

Apple is also faithful in its commitment to a huge and reliable trackpad. Although the ones we see integrated into Windows computers already have a very high level, both by size and by touch and precision, the trackpad of Apple laptops is still at a somewhat higher level.

Here we find a trackpad that does not include physical buttons but uses Force Touch technology to similarly touch different intensities on the surface. Once you have done with the gestures, its large surface and the precision of it allows you to work with ease and without missing a mouse, something that cannot be said of many laptops in the market, even high-end.

Performance and autonomy

One of the surprises (although otherwise expected) of the Macbook Air 2018 is in the price. The basic model starts at 1349 dollars, about 150 dollars more expensive than the entry model of the previous generation, although it is not difficult to find an offer that leaves it around 1199 dollrs.

This input configuration allows us to have a MacBook Air with Intel Core i5 dual-core 1.6 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz) eighth generation accompanied by 8 GB of LPDDR3 memory at 2.133 MHz and SSD storage of 128 GB.

Macbook Air 2018

That starting price rises quickly too little if we want to make some logical improvements, for example in the amount of RAM or internal memory capacity.

In a team in which we want to extend its useful life and without possibility of making the improvements by ourselves, move to a reasonable configuration with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD leaves us a price above 1800 dollars, very high for a laptop with these technical characteristics.

The performance of this Macbook Air 2018 is fully associated with the choice of processor. As we have seen there is only one option available, the Intel Core i5-8210Y.

In the usual tests with Mac computers, in Cinebench we have managed to reach 291 cb in the tasks associated with the processor, while in the graphical section (integrated from Intel), the OpenGL test has thrown us a figure of 34.6 fps.

With GeekBench, the dual-core processor marks good numbers in mononucleo mode (4306) and also with both (7764 points), where it is located above the previous generation but is below the MacBook Pro of 13 fleas of 2017, a would be alternative for very little money more and with which we also get a better screen.

In day-to-day operation, the MacBook Air 2018 follows the line of good overall performance for any non-specific task we ask of you. Navigation with multiple tabs, video, some editing and multimedia do not present any delays and fluency is guaranteed.

The heat in operation is well controlled, and I especially liked the low noise that makes the fan, because we are not before a team without them. In the usual tasks of work barely turned on or you were not even aware of it except in completely silent environments.

Special mention deserves the T2 coprocessor that arrives at this Macbook Air. We have already discussed his work with the information he uses for the use of TouchID, but in this Air 2018 he also collects secondary tasks that spare the Intel processor of extra work with audio and video processing, as well as in the encryption of the SSD.

Macbook Air 2018

It is still a laptop with a large battery

With less space available, the new MacBook Air 2018 includes a battery with a capacity of 50 Wh that in our experience during these weeks of testing, has kept the good work of Apple’s equipment in this section, although without being long outstanding.

In days of work associated with basic tasks such as office automation, some video and above all a lot of web browsing and social network management, with brightness over 50% and always connected to Wi-Fi networks, the MacBook Air 2018 has allowed us to always finish no problem the working day, which gives us an average of between 7-7.5 effective hours of work with the new laptop.

Regarding the loading time, Apple again offers a compact adapter as standard but inferior to the best it has in its catalog. The model is 30 W, which gets a full charge of the laptop in 130 minutes according to our measurements. That time could be reduced easily to less than two hours with an adapter of at least 65 W, which we think should be the one that came standard on a computer at this price.

Corsair One i160

Corsair One i160, a whole Core i9 and RTX 2080 Ti in a compact format

In the PC gaming market, the large and spectacular size is what usually prevails. But there are PCs for gamers that escape from trend dicah.

The Corsair One i160 is a new compact gaming computer model from a company fully focused on the world of gamers. We have already been able to test it thoroughly to see if a Core i9 and the RTX 2080 Ti chart perform as they should in a compact format.

Enermax Liqtech II 240

Enermax Liqtech II 240: Liquid cooling for everyone

Liquid cooling of the CPUs has always been considered the hunting ground of assembly nerds, above all because, given the particular components and the fact that liquids are being introduced inside the case, the system requires special care with regards long term maintenance. The advantages compared to normal air coolers are, however, obvious: by exploiting increasingly efficient heat exchange technologies over the years, the cooling capacities of liquid systems are clearly superior to the traditional ones.

For this reason, many companies have decided to develop systems as integrated as possible to allow any type of user to adopt these solutions designed to get married with even very heavy overclocking. The answer to this requirement of Enermax is the Liqtech II system available in three different versions: 240, 280 and 360. Today we will put the first to the test, which is also the most accessible product on the market given the rather low cost. The system is essentially composed of three elements: the actual water block to be mounted on the CPU, compatible with Intel and AMD sockets (see box), the cooling block equipped with coil and fans and the two 40-cm-long polyamide pipes which connect the two main units.