Macbook Air 2018

Macbook Air 2018, it is better portable but also more expensive

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10 years after presenting in an envelope the first Macbook Air, which at the time stood out for its reduced thickness, we spent a few weeks with the new Macbook Air 2018. This Apple laptop maintains the idea of entry equipment to the Mac world improving performance of a generation […]

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs explained the mistakes of Apple before his return: Tim Cook should be attentive

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The last few months have been particularly unusual for Apple, a company that has even received criticism from his most fervent supporters after the launch of the MacBook Pro. There are many strange decisions that Apple is taking in recent times, and the negative narrative about their Macs does not […]

Google and Apple

Google shatters forecasts and unseating Apple as the most valuable company in the world

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Yes, we should refer to it as Alphabet, but for practical and reference to the famous company issues, we still like Google. Well today the Mountain View Company has released financial results for the fourth quarter of 2015, which in turn means the fiscal year end. Something that analysts and investors awaited with great expectation, […]

Encryption is necessary

Apple and BlackBerry leave their positions clear that encryption is more necessary than ever

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Governments in developed countries still brandishing the argument of the fight against terrorism when to raise the debate on encryption. For those governing the protection of communications with such systems merely endanger citizens, as it impedes the work of the intelligence agencies in analyzing communications for possible contacts between terrorists. But large technology no […]