Windows Update

Do you control Windows updates?

We all complain, more or less, of the happy update Windows. Those updates when you least expect it off your PC almost without warning. Humor Comic catches some users where you can see “Updating 1 of 68” at the very moment when more you need your PC. It sometimes happens that the installation process starts correctly but after a short time, a message that they cannot settle it appears to us.

Web Browser

Edge vs Chrome is it time for change?

Although Windows 10 (the final version) and takes a few months between us, I’m sure many of you still do not have installed, from which you have done, I am sure that you have kept many of the routines you wore to in prior versions of Windows. This includes the browser chosen and this is what I want to focus today and I come to tell you why you must give him a chance to Edge, the replacement for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Many define it as “straightforward” but despite this, make this the ideal replacement for Google Chrome? Let’s see.