Amazon Home Robot

Amazon works on a home robot with advanced cameras and computer vision, according to Bloomberg

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It may be that Amazon’s paths are inscrutable in terms of hardware, but what is becoming clear is that they still have much more to launch and out of the entertainment world and more focused on Alexa, their voice assistant. The next frontier? The home, because it seems that Amazon works in a domestic […]


Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft join forces to monitor the development of artificial intelligence

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So far, the big technology companies seemed to have gone their own way in the development of artificial intelligence. We have seen how all point this avenue of research and how many have released their platforms for developers and researchers to contribute to the development of these platforms with all […]

Amazon patented headphone

Amazon patented headphones that will go out to hear certain sounds like your name

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Although not always end up materializing into a final product, patents signing large technology companies help us to know in which direction they move and what product lines are working. And it seems that Amazon may be working on a headset with noise canceling smart. These headphones would have a […]