WiGig: The new standard WiFi up to 8 Gbps is finally ready for commercial deployment

Since 2009 it started talking about a new standard WiFi that would revolutionize wireless connections especially at home, WiGig is identified on the IEEE 802.11ad and was officially (wireless gigabit) approved in 2013, since then we have been waiting the final certification would mean the arrival of the first compatible devices.

Today , after a long, but long wait, the WiFi Alliance is announcing the final certification of WiGig standard a high – speed connection can deliver speeds up to 8 Gbps, but this is only the beginning, as the medium – term objective is obtain speeds between 80 and 100 Gbps.

WiFi Router

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The quality of your Internet connection not only depends on the speed you have contracted (although it is an important factor) but also depends on network devices with the connection occurs. If they have a low quality, it is likely that the connection is unstable and does not get to have a smooth sailing. Here, routers typically companies renting us are, in most cases, of questionable quality. That is why today we bring you different alternatives for both ADSL as “Cable” with which to make the most of your Internet connection. In future post we will discuss how to improve the part of “client”.