Google Home

Home seems that Google is actually a Chromecast with speaker, microphone and LEDs

A few days ago held the Google I / O 2016 where the company was part of its future developments and devices that will be released this 2016, among the most notable was the Google Home, a device that will attack directly market Amazon Echo and is enhanced with the new Assistant, this to have a total control of various devices and functions in our home.

Google’s announcement left more questions than answers, and we do not know the date of availability, price, and there inside this speaker. But now according to data collected in The Information, Google did not want to break the head as its speaker Google Home hides the same components as we Chromecast.

Online Store Design

How to design an attractive home for your online store

When designing an online store should start with the basics. What do our customers want? What do you expect from our website? How can we improve your user experience? Knowing what our online store must contain, before you even begin to design it, it is basic.

Having resolved these doubts, we know how we have the items in the online shop.  For this there are supports tools used to know how our customers behave in a web page. But for this we must first have mounted online store and go modifying proving that facilitates the purchase to your users. A very useful tool is Hotjar, with it you can get basic information to know what elements are the most used and the most turn your users.