low-level protocols

How low-level protocols are changing the Internet

As you read this, packets and data packages come and go from the laptop, mobile or PC you are using to do so. The magic of your internet connection is based on various protocols such as TCP, IP, UDP, SSL / TLS, DNS, or HTTP / HTTPS.

All those acronyms define the way in which we communicate through the Internet, but the evolution of the network of networks has made these protocols change. They have done it and above all they will continue doing it to guarantee two things: speed and safety.

Slow Internet

Why you have slow Internet?

There are certain occasions when our Internet connection becomes slow because our ISP is going through a problem on their systems. This usually happens in very few cases so the rest can be a problem with our equipment or other factors that are causing these problems on our network. That is why I bring here in Web2GB some small tips that solve these annoying.