Android 10

Android 10: The best features in seven moves

It has slowly made its way. Launched in September, Android 10 has landed on multiple devices on multiple mobile devices. The operating system update includes new and convenient features to be discovered and exploited. They range from dark mode (which helps save battery life) to privacy improvements, up to a live subtitle feature. In this small practical guide, here are the seven features of Android 10 at your fingertips.

Cut videos on Android

Which app to use to cut videos on Android?

Thanks to increasingly high-performance cameras, smartphones have now become our favorite devices for taking pictures or shooting movies (even long lasting ones) wherever we are. In this way we can share images and videos with our friends, sending them via instant messaging apps or uploading them to social profiles. But there is a problem, especially if we are used to create videos and send them while we are around: we could consume all the data of our tariff plan and find ourselves so without connection or be forced to pay to continue surfing. It is at this point that the video editing apps come into play, which allow you to edit, reduce and cut the videos on your smartphone in a matter of moments.

Android Launcher

The 11 best launchers to customize your Android

Years ago installing a custom launcher was almost mandatory. They improved notably the performance and agility of the desktop and the drawer of applications in addition to putting many customization options. Today its usefulness is more for the second: offer a lot of functions to put to our liking the main screen of our Android.

This category of apps has had a long journey: new competitors have appeared, others have fallen by the wayside and a few have remained active for many years. If you are looking for a good launcher, right now these are the best options for Android.

Google virtual reality

Google wants to promote the virtual reality of high quality on your Android smartphone with N and Daydream

Google boosted the advancement of virtual reality for all audiences thanks to Google Cardboard, but now wants to go further with Daydream, a new project that aims to provide a virtual reality of high quality on mobile.

With the new Android N will arrive in autumn also come Daydream, this technology will go beyond what has been achieved with Cardboard thanks to the combination of compatible smartphones with this – not everyone serán – specification, a reference design for glasses, launch of a special control for Daydream, and also a specific section of Google Play for these new virtual reality content.

HTC software 10

HTC software 10, more Android and HTC Sense less than ever

Although most common in the presentation of a smartphone maximum level is to look at its technical specifications, the staging of HTC 10 returns us to make clear that the Taiwanese company continues to maintain closeness with Google that allows you to make an interpretation Android quite particular.

It could not be otherwise, the new version of HTC Sense Android 6.0.1 of Marshmallow. It is a step in the direction of recent years as close as possible the pure operating system, although the marks with weight still not daring to leave the entire platform without their seal. This case ends up being a bit of everything.

The old HTC Sense

They say since the company is a smartphone without bloatware, they have cleaned the most of the layer to provide a user interface as simple and manageable as possible. When you miss the first look at the newly installed mobile screen if you have a feeling of cleanliness. The cause, most apps are stored in your drawer.