digital marketing strategies for B2B

Effective digital marketing strategies for B2B companies: Tips and Suggestions

We know very well that the Internet world favors above all companies that operate with business-to-consumer (B2C) models, i.e. companies that address directly to the end customer. Business-to-business (B2B) companies clearly have a lot of effort, and they have to deal with the problem of reaching specific companies potentially interested in their services.

What can we instead focus on when the goal is to create effective digital marketing strategies to promote B2B products and activities?

Social Networks

Surviving managing social networks of a company hated by consumers

The hated brands must create a strategy that allows them to position themselves ahead of the negative comments. In the list of jobs that may involve losing sleep, breaking the head to create strategies and strategies to connect with the consumer and live in a kind of constant stress is the play a communication profile (and any profile communication worth) in a ‘damn business.” And damn company does not understand anything esoteric worthy of a special on the popular Fourth Millennium, but rather one of those companies in which accepting a job of communication requires thought as well before you have hard skin. Some brands are, for the area in which they work, by the activity they perform or their recent history, firms that are very easy to be hated by consumers (or are simply already hated actively by them) and they get very difficult I work for those who are responsible for managing their brand. One need only think, for example, which may involve work on an oil or communication in recent years and as the accumulated price increases in an electric company.

Successful Online Marketing

7 tips for a successful online marketing

For a successful marketing strategy should be mixed the traditional approach to new technologies. Every day, Internet takes more ground in consumer preferences, so should be considered.

The advent of the Internet with all its possibilities to develop e-business and e-commerce has necessitated a totally different from the traditional marketing approach. However, the basis for success of any good advertising strategy is to combine the tools of both formulas. 

Digital Marketing

7 digital marketing tips for 2016

What is 2016 in the digital marketing? Is it possible to anticipate some trends? Here seven tips Take advantage of them today!

Social networking has been little time with us in a massive way; in fact, we could say that you have only ten years if we take as a reference to Facebook. It is a short time if we think that other media have remained in our strategies for decades; and yet this short-lived, today we have to rethink many activities in our social efforts since the digital landscape is changing at breakneck speed.