digital marketing strategies for B2B

Effective digital marketing strategies for B2B companies: Tips and Suggestions

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We know very well that the Internet world favors above all companies that operate with business-to-consumer (B2C) models, i.e. companies that address directly to the end customer. Business-to-business (B2B) companies clearly have a lot of effort, and they have to deal with the problem of reaching specific companies potentially interested […]

Social Networks

Surviving managing social networks of a company hated by consumers

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The hated brands must create a strategy that allows them to position themselves ahead of the negative comments. In the list of jobs that may involve losing sleep, breaking the head to create strategies and strategies to connect with the consumer and live in a kind of constant stress is […]

Successful Online Marketing

7 tips for a successful online marketing

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For a successful marketing strategy should be mixed the traditional approach to new technologies. Every day, Internet takes more ground in consumer preferences, so should be considered. The advent of the Internet with all its possibilities to develop e-business and e-commerce has necessitated a totally different from the traditional marketing […]