Windows 10 on a Snapdragon 835? KS-PRO wants to make it possible

A Microsoft likes the idea that your operating system is in many different places, with a focus on mobile china shop, as ultraportable and phones. Another thing is that your partners get to create devices in conditions, or they have the best operating system for these lids. Today we bring a possible marriage, quite interesting.

More than the device in particular, we are interested in the encounter between the Snapdragon 835 and Windows 10, since the new hardware Qualcomm is called to be the ideal brain for the most powerful mobile devices of 2017, and part of next year. Would he get along? Khiron-Sigma thinks so.


Microsoft shows how the Game Mode of Windows 10 works in a video

Microsoft’s commitment to implementing Windows 10 as a gaming platform will be much more appealing to those who are subscribed to the Creators Update Insider program : this week will begin testing the long awaited Game Mode that will optimize the performance of Games on desktop computers improving resources through the operating system itself.

Let’s start with the essential : Game Mode is not activated automatically when running a game, we have to access the Windows 10 game bar (Windows Key + G), which will allow the user to select optimizations and performance A series of resources to customize the improvements you expect from each game.

Windows 10

Windows 10 will run on ARM, how will it affect Android?

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced what had been rumored time: the total support from Windows 10 to the ARM architecture. Although all the technical details are not known seems that Microsoft has ported the API of the operating system to ARM and where applications do not use x86 emulation is performed.

In principle, said news seems to affect Android. Introducing a new architecture can lower the costs of laptops, increase their efficiency and as a second derivative to have, Intel put the batteries. But we are not talking about the mobile market but about the computers. But yes there are implications for Android, some important.


How has Microsoft that Linux console run on Windows 10?

Microsoft surprised us with the news that soon everyone can run a bash console Linux natively on Windows 10. The feature, available for Windows Insiders in future builds of Windows 10, you can then turn to those members that community can evaluate it. In summer this option will extend to all audiences with the arrival of the update “Anniversary”.

How does this feature? As Microsoft noted in the presentation, not virtual machines for this option is used, nor containers. Microsoft had long been preparing for this movement, and its alliance with Canonical has made ​​us to access a unique way to run both bash other Ubuntu binaries directly and natively. The key: the so – called Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Safe Mode

Accessing Safe Mode Windows 10

Do you have any problems with your computer? unpredictable behavior, slow starts, applications that cannot be opened … In many cases, simply restart Windows 10 in safe mode to see if something is wrong, because when entering this mode only drivers or essential drivers are loaded and only running strictly necessary services for Windows to start successfully. Therefore, if you need to recover some of your PC before taking other measures, this start will be of great help.