how to change ip address on iphone

How to change ip address on iphone?

The Internet Protocol (IP ) address is a numerical series to uniquely identify any device, fixed or mobile, while connected to the Internet. The IP address can be of two types: static and dynamic. A static IP address always remains the same every time you connect to the Internet, while the dynamic one changes all the time; obtaining the latter is not easy, and some ADSL operators only grant it for a fee. However, on some devices, you can also change it manually. In the following guide, we will see in particular how to change ip address on iphone.


The iPhone will be made exclusively by robots: Foxconn unveils the plans of automation of its plants

Foxconn is a true monster as far as production plants are concerned, its large capacity allows it to work in assembling multiple devices simultaneously, thus giving results in record time. The clearest example is Apple, who made it 500000 iPhone a day.

For several years, Foxconn has been embroiled in controversies of exploitation, recruitment of minors, as well as suicides due to stress they are subjected its workers, which has also led to a number of demands. But this could change in the coming years, because Foxconn does not want human beings in their plants, but only robots.


iPhone sales fall for the first time since its launch in 2007

The numbers shown the previous quarter passed us a possible trend, now comes true thanks to this dangerous dependence Apple on the iPhone, because for the first time since 2003, the company is reporting a drop in revenue over the same quarter the previous year.

Apple is introducing for its second fiscal quarter 2016 financial results, which for all of us is the first quarter, which is reporting total revenues for 50,557 million and 10,516 million profit, i.e. 13% less than the same quarter of 2015, representing the first quarterly decline of the company in more than a decade.