WhatsApp starts checking business profiles as part of its monetization plan

WhatsApp wants to dominate the world, and the next thing in its plan is to attract as many companies as possible to communicate with the more than 1.300 million monthly active users that the messaging platform currently has. This is the beginning of his strategy that seeks to monetize the application, because WhatsApp still does not make money, something that Zuckerberg knows well and plans to change in the coming months.

We have already talked several times about the plans of WhatsApp to obtain income, the last thing we heard was a kind of sale of data from its users. Today the same company is confirming the first step to add companies to its service, which includes a badge and a possible exclusive application.


Guide to learning to use WhatsApp Status: How to get the most out of it?

Ephemeral stories. Telling our experiences but for the short term (24 hours in particular) was the premise with which Snapchat was born and what pushed its to success, with millions of users, on foot and famous, sharing her life through an application for no other purpose. But Snapchat is no longer the only way to share our day to day in a simple and fast, since its operation has been imitated by Instagram and Facebook more recently.

And if the threats to Snapchat were not enough, now is WhatsApp that has presented its weapon to try that users who used both applications now only need one. WhatsApp Status is now available in other countries and we will tell you what the new feature of one of the most used apps in the world is all about.


WhatsApp video calls are reaching around the world: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Actually I already we have presented, video calls WhatsApp take more than a year taking shape, with the ability to play with them in beta, but the wait is over and the real possibility has been announced by the creator of the popular communication tool.

Good news for users of WhatsApp, worldwide: from today begin to get an update that touches Android, iOS, Windows Phone even.