this instagram account is already connected to a facebook page

How to fix this instagram account is already connected to a facebook page?

Instagram’s support site states that “You can’t have an Instagram profile for your business if you’ve already created a Facebook profile for the same business.” And this means that before creating an Instagram account for your business or starting any other activity on Instagram, you must first deactivate your Facebook account as an admin of the page. This tutorial is a guide on fixing this Instagram account is already connected to a Facebook page.

How to schedule instagram posts automatically

How to schedule instagram posts automatically

Instagram has become very popular in the business and marketing area (see well-known influencers). Especially in this area, it is useful to have a series of statistics regarding the publication of posts that help organize yourself to improve your content’s visibility.

Not only do those who professionally use Instagram need to schedule posts and campaigns following a calendar, but we may need to do it too.

The choice of publication time is one of the main rules when it comes to being followed on Instagram by automatically publishing at the times of greatest interest to our audience.

How to schedule instagram posts automatically?

How to schedule instagram posts automatically

The answer is yes, it is possible. Since the beginning of 2018, the Instagram team, with the surprise presentation of the new APIs ( Instagram Graph API ), has made it possible to schedule posts with some limitations and excluding other types of automation such as bots which are categorically prohibited.

You can proceed with the scheduled publication of the posts without running risks and with some limitations:

  • It is not possible to program stories. They will be published manually.
  • It is forbidden to insert the position in a post or individual tag people (you can do it manually in the comments)
  • No programming for posts that contain videos

What is the purpose of scheduling posts on Instagram?

Anyone who is a little familiar with the network knows that there are times when it is easier to have likes and interactions on your content. Moreover, those who do it for work know how difficult it is to manually and effectively manage a single profile and, when the profiles start to become two or more, it becomes complex.

Automatic post scheduling:

  • It helps those who use Instagram for work to effectively manage multiple profiles.
  • It is useful for launching posts at specific times and times or identified as most effective.
  • It allows you to save time by planning posts.
  • It gives us the ability to use “templates” for our posts and reuse relevant phrases and hashtags.
  • It allows you to overview the posts and create a common style (see also: tips for increasing followers ).

Schedule posts automatically with the best tools

  • Scheduling posts is simple; everything is done using special tools that now have access to the official API (and therefore are safe).

In this paragraph, we will point out the best tools in the sector. They all work quite similarly, offering a convenient calendar to enter the various scheduled posts.

1. Later – one of the best free tools

His is a service available as an app for both Android and iOS.

It is very intuitive to use. It is free and provides complete metrics to measure the impact of published posts. If you want to try Later, just register on its page.

2. Buffer – the King of social programming

A buffer is a tool that, for years, has been helping those who work with social networks to plan campaigns practically and effectively.

It’s not a free tool, but luckily it has a good basic free plan. Since the release of the official API, it is also fully compatible with Instagram.

3. Hootsuite – the most popular tool for social media managers

It is one of the complete tools available on the web for a long time and also used for other social networks.

4. Crowdfire – one of the most comprehensive

This is another favorite tool for social media managers. The reasons are different; the most important are: the completeness of available options, the very rational arrangement of the functions, the clear and linear interface.

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After all, a community is made up of people linked by beliefs, localization or characteristics that make you feel accepted and accepted. Offline we do not force people to be part of our community, this happens naturally.


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But although the brands are becoming increasingly aware of the power of mobile and how necessary it is positioned on that device, they are still failing to fairly basic questions that make your strategy is not as effective as it could be. Mobile requires a strategy and brands should stop and reflect on what they are doing and what they should do to connect with consumers using these terminals. Not everything is on the phone and also serves to keep an issue that is simply because triumphing call attention or because tantalizing result. The fashion app is not the only thing to keep in mind when creating a mobile strategy. As a point in an analysis of Forrester, brands and marketers continue to commit certain basic mistakes when creating mobile marketing strategies of their firms as state how positioned on mobile devices.