Concrete is a hugely versatile material and is one of the most used man-made products on the planet. You probably see concrete every day in one form or another but have you ever considered how many different uses it really has?

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What is concrete?

Concrete is made up of a mix of cement, coarse aggregates, sand (fine aggregates), and water. It is most commonly used for roads, but the role of concrete Gloucester does not end there.

Concrete is often chosen as a construction material thanks to its cost-effectiveness and durability. Its strength actually increases over time and it offers the durability needed for underground use.

It is easy to maintain and repair and can offer good energy efficiency. It can also be reinforced to offer a multitude of other uses, as explained on the BBC website.

Some Uses of Concrete

It would be impossible to list all of the uses of concrete, such is its versatility. But have you thought about the way in which concrete is used to offer earthquake protection or fire resistance, thanks to the way it can withstand extreme heat levels and keep flames at bay?

Concrete can be used to keep animals and pests out of properties with no chance of burrowing through, can be fundamental in building bridges, and functional in places like car parks and other public-use facilities.

Decorative Concrete

As well as being highly functional, concrete in Gloucester and elsewhere can also enhance property and environmental designs. A concrete surface, such as a floor, can be stamped for aesthetic appeal and can allow natural light to enter and transmit electric lighting when the sun goes down.

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Concrete can be used on siding and exterior walls to add to the attractiveness of a property, whilst offering superior weather protection, especially in areas where wind could easily tear off unstable materials. It also offers protection against water and fungi to ensure that buildings and other structures remain looking their best for as long as possible.

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