What are dynamic ads?

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Dynamic ads are advertisements that modify their content, promotions and calls-to-action in response to user behaviour or data insights. Unlike traditional static ads that offer a fixed message to all viewers, dynamic ads are advertisements that adapt and personalise content based on user behaviour, preferences, and real-time data. Their purpose […]

InDesign Alternatives

5 Free InDesign Alternatives

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The Adobe InDesign desktop publishing program offers its users countless possibilities and a very broad spectrum of action for the realization of many different projects. Being a layout program with a wide range of functions, it is widespread both in professional publishing and among freelance graphic designers. Using the practical […]

The most common web design mistakes

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Web design is by no means an exact science; there can be different sites using conflicting strategies with similar degrees of success. But there are definitely some design decisions which will hurt a site no matter what the size or reputation of the business that it represents.

perfect web page

10 main features of the perfect web page

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What are the components to create a perfect web page? The answer to this question is proposed by Hit Reach, with its excellent interactive infographics. The anatomy of an ideal web page is illustrated in the infographic. Especially the aspects related to web design and the contents of the page […]

Web Design And Visual Storytelling

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Web designing is constantly evolving. What was common practice 6 months ago is no longer what is considered as being modern. If you want a website that is as modern as possible and as effective as it could be, you want to think about what is now available in terms […]