How to delete hidden apps on iPhone

How to delete hidden apps on iphone?

We all know that the iPhone comes with a ton of pre-installed apps and there is no point trying to uninstall them as we cannot do so. But we can hide these apps from the screen without uninstalling them though. To access this hidden section, you just need to go into your “Settings” app and then navigate one level down into “General” and finally tap on the profile tab and there you will find a section for hiding apps. Tapping on it will take you to a list of all your iPhone’s apps that are available for hiding.

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

Cyber attacks are something that is, unfortunately, the order of the day. We have to protect ourselves as much as we can, both at the user level and if we have a company that operates over the Internet since there is a constant danger. One of the best ways to be calmer is to have a VPN, which is reliable, fast and secure to be able to contain any type of attempt to undermine our privacy.

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN?

As you well know, each year, there are hundreds of cases in which the security of both users and companies is compromised by attacks that manage to decipher everything concerning the access data, passwords or even the files that are stored online or that have some type of link with the network, even if they are actually on a physical medium. So that this does not happen, we can use what a secure VPN is, but for this, we first have to know what a VPN is.

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

What is VPN?

A VPN (a virtual private network ) is a service that will allow us to connect to the Internet through what is called an encrypted tunnel, with which we achieve greater privacy, security and protection of everything we have online.

VPNs give us privacy since, thanks to their protocols, there is no record of which pages we visit or where we are actually entering. In addition, they are safe and protect us for the same reason since, since all the information is encrypted, the possible problems that we could have been minimized thanks to this system.

VPNs protect us

VPNs can be instruments for all types of users, from those who are obsessed with their privacy and do not want anyone to know where they are browsing, to those who may have their freedom in question in certain countries of the world, serving this system as a way of reporting their situation, even those who see services like Netflix or any similar platform as in other countries are more complete and want to take advantage of said content. These are some examples, but we could give you many more.

The networks

But we also get something that any type of network user wants to have at all costs, such as being protected against possible attacks. VPNs can protect us against many of these attacks, being especially effective against phishing, which is nothing more than strategies that cybercriminals use to steal passwords and credentials or try to impersonate our identity.

Having a good VPN can help us protect ourselves since the best of this type of service have extremely strict systems against data leaks or detecting threats that may come from the network, from emails, false links or other types of attacks.

How you have been able to read having a VPN is very interesting as well as necessary, but of course, if we have one of the best, such as the one provided by Surfshark, its value will increase considerably.

Surfshark VPN

We are talking about one of the safest VPN services that exist right now and that give us a really good connection speed, since many VPNs cause browsing fluidity to be considerably reduced, something that with Surfshark is not going to happen to us.

We will be very well protected against all types of hacking, malware, phishing, theft of our identity, advertising manipulation or ISP tracking, as some other Internet provider does, among other things.

Surfshark VPN has more than 800 servers from 50 countries whose security features are one of its main assets. If we talk about speed, it is one of the fastest currently on the market, in addition to having the main tunnelling protocols (OpenVPN, Ikev2, Transport Layer Security, SSH or Wireguard, among others) and with the possibility of working with services of our day to how are Netflix, torrent programs or being able to enter some websites suspended in our own country. All this means that we are, without a doubt, before a VPN of enormous quality and reliability.

How to use Surfshark VPN

In order for us to use this service, all we have to do is register, as we normally do on any web page. Once we have done it, it is time to download Surfshark VPN for the devices we want, being compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, iOS, Android and with extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

From Surfshark, they offer us several modalities to contract their VPN systems in order to better adapt to all kinds of possibilities and situations.

can't add music to instagram story

Why I can’t add music to instagram story?

Instagram is one of the most used and popular social networks around the world. Between the feed and the stories, we usually share our activities, humor, or day-to-day with friends, family, or unknown followers. Today, the application has evolved to give us many resources that help improve the user experience; however, sometimes, we do not see all this news and feel that we are late to fashion.

It may happen that everyone is setting their Instagram stories with music, but that option has not yet appeared to you. Why does it happen? Is there any trick on how to activate the music sticker on Instagram manually? Take note, because in the following article, we solve your question: ” Why can’t add music to instagram story? ” Pay attention!

Why can’t add music to instagram story?

Believe it or not, the type of Instagram account you have can directly affect the services that the platform offers you. There are three categories: personal, business or creator account, and among them may be one of the solutions that solve your question as to why the music option does not appear on Instagram.

While personal accounts and content creators usually have the music sticker for Instagram Stories (unless there is an update error, as we will see later), business accounts may not have this option available. The reason is simple: if you use specific music to promote your products without an agreement with the author, you could have serious problems. For this reason, many business accounts do not have access to the music sticker on Instagram Stories. The solution is to decide if you prefer to label your products or if you prefer to be able to access music without a problem. Your account makes the difference!

Outdated Instagram version

If the problem is not your account settings and the sticker to add music to your stories still does not appear, it is probably because your Instagram application is out of date. This is one of the most common causes that answer the question why can’t I put music on Instagram Stories .

App updates are necessary to be able to enjoy the latest tools, so whether you have Android or iOS you can update the application with these simple steps:

Update Instagram on Android

Open Google Play.
Click on the three lines that appear in the upper left corner of the screen and access the menu.
In “My applications and games,” you can check if Instagram has pending updates and install the app’s latest version.
If updating the application is not enough, you can check if your Android device has a version higher than Android 5.0. If not, you should know that the music in the stories is not compatible with lower versions. To update the performance of your device, you will have to:

Go to Settings> System> About device> Software update

As soon as you have your device updated, you should open the Instagram application and enjoy tools like the sticker to add music to your stories.

Update Instagram on iOS

Go to the App Store.
Click on “Applications.”
Search Instagram and check if there are any pending updates and update the App.
As in Android, if these steps do not work, you should check that your iOS device has a version higher than iOS7 since the lower ones are not compatible with the music tool in Instagram Stories. To update the operating system, you must:

1. Access Settings> General> Software update

Smartphone problem?

Although many think that the smartphone can be a problem when it comes to enjoying certain Instagram tools, the truth is that your phone has little or nothing to do with the problems that the platform may present.

By giving the phone constant use, the accumulation of cache and memory of the application produces certain failures when manipulating Instagram stories. Fixing these errors is easy if you clear the application cache to improve its performance, so we explain how to do it:

If you have Android you can go to Settings> Applications> Instagram> Storage> Clear cache. For iPhones, the only option is to delete the application and download it again directly. It is not the same as deleting your account, so don’t worry. When you enter the application again, you will have practically everything as you left it.

Data connection problem

Another frequent and common problem is that adding music to a story is not available due to a data connection problem. To see if this is the fault and to remedy it, we recommend activating and deactivating your mobile data connection. In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection, you can also try it. It may seem very simple, but it is a common problem with a much simpler solution than we think.

The music I want does not appear

On some occasions, failure can occur because the music we want to add to our Instagram story does not appear. In those cases, the problem may be that the song is very new or little known, or that for internal reasons, Instagram has decided not to add it to the platform. Remember that music must be available on Instagram Music to add it to a story.

Stories control

Still, wondering how to put music on Instagram because our tips haven’t worked for you? Then you must know the story controls. They are little known, but they exist, so we recommend you access these controls’ configuration and check that all the options are activated. Follow these steps:

Go to your profile.
Select the three ellipsis or lines that appear in the upper right corner of your profile.
Access the main menu and look for the option “Story control.”
Once inside, you can check and verify that the option to listen to music is activated, as well as the rest of the elements.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

When playing Minecraft, there are many dangers we face in our attempt to survive. That is why, like all good survivors, we need to make good tools in Minecraft. That they help us fight in a much easier and more effective way, such as the shield, is why, if you are interested in knowing how to customize your shield in Minecraft and how to do it, read this post and you will know.

How to make a shield in minecraft – Shield Crafting

By knowing what the crafting of the shield is, you already have almost all the combat won. Having a good shield will not only help you defend yourself properly from dangers, but it will also allow you to give a unique touch to your look in Minecraft.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

How to make a good shield?

The shield is an extremely important defense tool if we want to survive in Minecraft’s indomitable world. Having one of these allows us to immerse ourselves in the adventures we want without risking so much damage. The shield prevents 33% of the total damage from an attack.

If we have a shield and you have crafted a good sword in Minecraft, there will be nothing to stop us from getting the most out of this game. Before starting to enjoy all the options that shields offer us, we must know how to craft them or make them correctly.

That is why we encourage you to keep reading and discover how to make a Minecraft shield and make it look unique and special. We also remind you that you must update Minecraft to the latest version to use the shields.

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What steps must be followed to make a shield?

To start making an excellent quality shield in Minecraft, you need to know what materials you need to achieve. First, you need 6 blocks of the type of wood you want. You will also need to make an iron ingot. You can see that these materials are very simple, just as crafting is very simple. Now, the steps you have to follow to do this shield are:

  1. Open the crafting or crafting table, whatever you call it.
  2. Now put the materials in the first row from the top in this order: wood, ingot, and wood.
  3. Fill the next row with wooden blocks.
  4. Lastly, in the bottom row, put a single block of wood in the middlebox.

That’s it! Now you just have to start your wonderful new shield whenever you want. When using the shield, you should keep in mind that it takes a little time to use the shield between blocks. That is, you must wait a moment to use it again. If arrows are shot at you, they can bounce off the shield, so be careful.

How to customize the shield in Minecraft?

Yes, once you have crafted your shield in Minecraft, you want to customize it, no problem, as this is possible. You don’t need hard-to-find materials to start customizing your shield.

The first thing you have to do is craft a banner of the color you prefer. To make one, you need 6 blocks of wool of the color you like and create a stick. Once this is done, you must put the shield and the banner in the crafting table’s middle row to color the shield in question.

Of course, if you want to customize your shield in Minecraft with a much more detailed and special design, all you have to do is create more banners and play with their position on the crafting table.

Likewise, you can see a large number of tutorials on YouTube, where they explain what different designs you can put on your shields and how to do it easily.

We hope that all this information can be useful to you and get the most out of it to customize your shield in Minecraft. Let nothing, not even attacks from mobs or other players, stop you from continuing on your journey through the infinite world of Minecraft.


How to wake up with music

Do you hate the sound of the alarm clock in the morning and more than once have you had to fight the temptation to hurl your trusted smartphone against the wall? Understandable: no matter how the producers strive to provide pleasant, gentle and harmonious ringtones, our brains will identify them as the “enemy” who pulls us from Orpheus’ arms, to bring us back to the harsh reality. Solutions? The “cure of the hammer” is perhaps a bit extreme, and even the idea of an alarm clock strike, however tempting, could be disliked by our boss; it would take a sound that we know and appreciate, something whose listening puts us in a good mood.


What are PWAs and how they work?

Nowadays there is an app to do almost anything: there is an app for photos and videos, an app to watch movies in streaming, an app to book airplanes and travel etc … To tell the truth there are hundreds of apps to do each of these things and browsing through the Google app stores, Apple can choose the most suitable mobile applications for our needs. However, all this may soon change. Or rather, evolve: the PWAs, Progressive Web App, are beginning to spread. That is the apps of the future, which thanks to their features offer the user a better user experience than today’s apps. But what are Progressive Web Apps and how do they work?

Cut videos on Android

Which app to use to cut videos on Android?

Thanks to increasingly high-performance cameras, smartphones have now become our favorite devices for taking pictures or shooting movies (even long lasting ones) wherever we are. In this way we can share images and videos with our friends, sending them via instant messaging apps or uploading them to social profiles. But there is a problem, especially if we are used to create videos and send them while we are around: we could consume all the data of our tariff plan and find ourselves so without connection or be forced to pay to continue surfing. It is at this point that the video editing apps come into play, which allow you to edit, reduce and cut the videos on your smartphone in a matter of moments.