working of optical fibre

Let’s discover the working of optical fibre principal

Working of optical fibre principal: this is what it is, what are the differences with ADSL and some advantages on the speed and technologies of this type of internet connection. The optical fiber, although in the specific would be better to say the fiber optic cable, is a data transmission technology on the internet at high speed constituting the invisible skeleton structure that today allows us the connection mode and communication in the which we are constantly immersed in. Optical fiber is what allows us to exchange data, even the most complex, in real-time all over the world.

how to change ip address on iphone

How to change ip address on iphone?

The Internet Protocol (IP ) address is a numerical series to uniquely identify any device, fixed or mobile, while connected to the Internet. The IP address can be of two types: static and dynamic. A static IP address always remains the same every time you connect to the Internet, while the dynamic one changes all the time; obtaining the latter is not easy, and some ADSL operators only grant it for a fee. However, on some devices, you can also change it manually. In the following guide, we will see in particular how to change ip address on iphone.

What are the best meeting Apps for a phone2

What are the best meeting Apps for a phone?

As we continue the current trend for home working and remote working the need to stay in touch for business purposes is paramount. Luckily, there are several ways that the business person on the go, or rather, working from home, can use to stay in touch and keep the profit of the company still following an upward trend.

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First of all if you need to have an upgrade do not despair. A quick visit to a Vodafone Store Ireland  is all that you will need to get the latest machines and what they can offer you. When you have a new phone in place here are some of the best to use.

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  1. Microsoft Teams.  Where would we be without the godfather of all things computer language and programmes? It’s a fair point to make that without Teams working from home would be very difficult. Teams is any overarching program that lets you mingle with colleagues and see their faces on video chat. Whole meetings can be conducted with a slew of workmates. You can share screens to present data and even work in multimedia applications and surveys. It can also be run from a phone or tablet.
  2. Whats app. The quick and secure internet phone system allows you to have perfect one to ones. The fact that both sides of the call are encrypted mean that there is greater protection for you both.
  3. Zoom. The pandemic has really pushed Zoom into the limelight, not only due to the famous bloopers people have committed on them during meetings including a now infamous angry local council meeting. All that aside, the system gives you a free 40 minute window before it starts to charge you or you subscribe to it.
How Long Should A Domain Name Be2

How Long Should A Domain Name Be?

It’s important to choose a domain name that reflects your brand. Your domain name is your permanent web address. Much like a building address, it’s not something that can be easily changed. The maximum character length a domain name can be is 253 characters for a whole URL, or 63 characters not including domain extensions.

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So How Long Should My Domain Name Be?

Your domain name should contain no more than three separate words and 17 characters. The suggested character count does not include ‘www.’, ‘https://’ or the domain extension (e.g. .com or .net). 80% of registered domain names are between 6 and 17 letters long. Only 10% of domain names contain more than 17 letters.

What About Longer Words?

Sometimes domain names longer than 17 letters are acceptable. One example of this is This website offers information about the Welsh town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch – or Llanfair PG to its residents. In this case the name of the long town name is relevant and distinctive, so the domain name, while unusually long, is perfectly acceptable to use.

However, not every place or business is as unique as Llanfair PG! Lots of domain names are already in use. If you want to buy domain names that have already been registered, obviously you can’t register these names too. If you’re looking for further information about how to buy domain names for your website, sites like can offer you more detailed information.

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Here are two reasons why you should stick to shorter domain names.

Shorter Names Create Better User Experiences

A shorter domain name will make visiting your website a better experience for users. Shorter domain names are easier to remember. ‘www.mybrandwebsite’ is intuitively going to be easier for users to remember than ‘www.mysuperfantasticcoolbrandwebsite’. It’s recommended that you use no more than three dictionary words in your domain name. If you use any more than that, it’s likely that users won’t remember your address. Typing in words in the wrong order or missing a word entirely will take them to a different site.

Shorter Names Look More Professional

Shorter domain names also have the advantage of looking more professional and trustworthy to your users. A super-long domain name makes your site and any associated email addresses seem suspect or spammy. The more your domain name resembles that of other trustworthy sites, the more it will appeal to users.

disable the webcam

How to disable the webcam? Protect your privacy from potential hackers

Breaking a webcam is a simple task that some hackers use to spy on you without your knowledge. In this article I show you the precautions to be taken to protect yourself.

I know it sounds weird, but your computer may be watching you for as long as it is on. Deactivating the webcam can, therefore, be a necessary operation to seriously safeguard your privacy and that of those who use the PC.


Facebook, happier but less informed if you delete from the social network

Being able to take out Facebook from your daily life is not easy for everyone, but it could trigger important changes in attitudes. According to a new study (yet another that seeks to bring out any social dangers), users who leave the service become happier, spend more time with friends and relatives (in person), but are at the same time less informed. To say it is the Stanford and New York City Universities.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV: Home walls are no longer borders

At a time when staying at home is imperative Samsung suggests how to best use the Smart TV features to stay connected and live their passions. We can call it a living room, lounge or living room, in fact it is the place where we spend most of our time. It is the space where you can watch TV, listen to music, play with your children, receive friends and relax and, in this period, it is the real heart of our daily life.

Primewire Alternative

Primewire Alternative Applications and Websites

Everyone likes to watch movies, TV shows and listen to music. Primewire is the one stop shop for all your favorite movies, TV shows and songs. But unfortunately, Primewire has been blocked by several ISPs in several countries. That’s why we decided to offer you a list of the 5 best PrimeWire alternative that are equally good and offers you all your favorite movies, TV shows and music in one place for free. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about Primewire and Primeware alternative apps or sites.

A brief information about Primewire

Primewire (formerly known as 1Channel and Letmewatchthis) is a website for movies, TV shows and music streaming that anyone can visit and use for free. Primewire does not host the content itself, but instead tracks several movie streaming websites scattered throughout the Internet and redirects it to those websites.

Is it safe and legal to use Primewire?

We strongly recommend that you use a VPN and an Antivirus while using Primewire or any other similar movie streaming website. The film industry is always looking for websites that offer pirate movies, TV shows, etc. Users who are found guilty receive notices, warnings and, in a few cases, legal action is also taken. That’s why we recommend that you use a VPN to hide your location and an antivirus to protect yourself from malicious content.

5 Primewire alternative sites

1. WatchMovieStream

WatchMovieStream has a large database of the latest movies of all genres such as Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, etc. You can easily search for any movie using the search option provided on the site. The design of this website is very simple, which facilitates navigation. The best part of this website is the absence of annoying ads that ruin the experience of watching movies.

I will recommend you try WatchMovieStream, since all movies are available in HD quality.

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2. MoviesJoy

If you are looking for a website that is updated frequently and continues to provide you with the latest movies, then MoviesJoy is the best option for you. The website not only has a large database of movies, but also has all the latest episodes and television shows. The website also has a separate section for international films that includes films from countries such as India, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, etc.

MoviesJoy has a Top IMDB section where you can find all the best shows and movies in one place. MoviesJoy is a great Primewire alternative that you should definitely try.

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3. PandaStreaming

How can we forget to mention this amazing website on our list? PandaStreaming is one of my favorite movie streaming websites. It has a large collection of all kinds of movies of various genres, including all the classics and the latest movies. You can search for movies based on their genre and release date.

The PandaStreaming website has a special Trends section where you can watch all the trending and popular movies in one place. Through the Request section, users can request a movie they wish to watch. PandaStreaming is the best alternative worth trying.

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4. Flixgo

Flixgo provides all your favorite movies and TV shows in HD quality just like Netflix. The reason why FlixGo is on our list of sites like Primewire is that it has all the movies and TV shows Primewire used to offer. In addition to movies and TV shows, you can also watch cartoons on Flixgo.

The website has a fairly decent user interface that facilitates navigation. There is only a minimum number of ads. So, go and try it!

5. 1 Movies

The last entry in our list of websites like Primewire is 1Movies. Like other movie streaming websites, 1Movies has a large database of movies, TV shows and TV series. They have a separate section of the best rated movies on IMDb and the most viewed movies. 1Movies also offers a premium membership that allows you to watch movies without ads, download your favorite movies and get better video quality.

There are many other features that you get after buying your premium membership that costs only $ 5 per month.

Final words

So, that’s it for our position in the top Primewire alternative. The 5 best Primewire alternative we have talked about in this post are worth a try. They all offer you the latest in good quality movies and TV shows. If you know about some of the best PrimeWire alternative then feel free to share your knowledge with us using the comments section provided below. Stay tuned for more informative publications. Thank you for reading.