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Inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy.

We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.

Innovation needs to be part of your culture.

Inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy.

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How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

Cyber attacks are something that is, unfortunately, the order of the day. We have to protect ourselves as much as we can, both at the user level and if we have a company that operates over the Internet since there is a constant danger. One of the best ways to be calmer is to have a VPN, which is reliable, fast and secure to be able to contain any type of attempt to undermine our privacy.

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN?

As you well know, each year, there are hundreds of cases in which the security of both users and companies is compromised by attacks that manage to decipher everything concerning the access data, passwords or even the files that are stored online or that have some type of link with the network, even if they are actually on a physical medium. So that this does not happen, we can use what a secure VPN is, but for this, we first have to know what a VPN is.

How to prevent cyber attacks with a VPN

What is VPN?

A VPN (a virtual private network ) is a service that will allow us to connect to the Internet through what is called an encrypted tunnel, with which we achieve greater privacy, security and protection of everything we have online.

VPNs give us privacy since, thanks to their protocols, there is no record of which pages we visit or where we are actually entering. In addition, they are safe and protect us for the same reason since, since all the information is encrypted, the possible problems that we could have been minimized thanks to this system.

VPNs protect us

VPNs can be instruments for all types of users, from those who are obsessed with their privacy and do not want anyone to know where they are browsing, to those who may have their freedom in question in certain countries of the world, serving this system as a way of reporting their situation, even those who see services like Netflix or any similar platform as in other countries are more complete and want to take advantage of said content. These are some examples, but we could give you many more.

The networks

But we also get something that any type of network user wants to have at all costs, such as being protected against possible attacks. VPNs can protect us against many of these attacks, being especially effective against phishing, which is nothing more than strategies that cybercriminals use to steal passwords and credentials or try to impersonate our identity.

Having a good VPN can help us protect ourselves since the best of this type of service have extremely strict systems against data leaks or detecting threats that may come from the network, from emails, false links or other types of attacks.

How you have been able to read having a VPN is very interesting as well as necessary, but of course, if we have one of the best, such as the one provided by Surfshark, its value will increase considerably.

Surfshark VPN

We are talking about one of the safest VPN services that exist right now and that give us a really good connection speed, since many VPNs cause browsing fluidity to be considerably reduced, something that with Surfshark is not going to happen to us.

We will be very well protected against all types of hacking, malware, phishing, theft of our identity, advertising manipulation or ISP tracking, as some other Internet provider does, among other things.

Surfshark VPN has more than 800 servers from 50 countries whose security features are one of its main assets. If we talk about speed, it is one of the fastest currently on the market, in addition to having the main tunnelling protocols (OpenVPN, Ikev2, Transport Layer Security, SSH or Wireguard, among others) and with the possibility of working with services of our day to how are Netflix, torrent programs or being able to enter some websites suspended in our own country. All this means that we are, without a doubt, before a VPN of enormous quality and reliability.

How to use Surfshark VPN

In order for us to use this service, all we have to do is register, as we normally do on any web page. Once we have done it, it is time to download Surfshark VPN for the devices we want, being compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, iOS, Android and with extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

From Surfshark, they offer us several modalities to contract their VPN systems in order to better adapt to all kinds of possibilities and situations.

Let’s discover the working of optical fibre principal

Working of optical fibre principal: this is what it is, what are the differences with ADSL and some advantages on the speed and technologies of this type of internet connection. The optical fiber, although in the specific would be better to say the fiber optic cable, is a data transmission technology on the internet at high speed constituting the invisible skeleton structure that today allows us the connection mode and communication in the which we are constantly immersed in. Optical fiber is what allows us to exchange data, even the most complex, in real-time all over the world.

How to kick someone off NetFlix while they are watching?

Sharing the account is a method that many people use to watch Netflix for free or at least share the subscription costs. However, the streaming company has been looking for a solution to stop this practice that causes losses of about 6 billion dollars a year.

How to unarchive messages on messenger?

You’re probably wondering where a bunch of old Facebook conversations has gone that you know you didn’t delete and still don’t appear on your message timeline. Well, it happens that, in an older version of the Facebook chat, when we pressed ‘x,’ we were not deleting the conversation but closing it and, in this way, archiving it.

GoPro Snorkeling: summer guide on the water

The activity most practiced by fans of our community? Definitely, GoPro Snorkeling to practice without weighing down with cylinders, wetsuits and professional equipment. In this article, we will see the best accessories to capture the most beautiful images on the water with GoPro and the advice of the experts!

How to work with a marketing strategist

A Marketing Strategy Consultant such as those from Really Helpful Marketing is invaluable to small businesses that struggle to meet their advertising goals because they are not only experienced in delivering advertising solutions but also in delivering comprehensive solutions for digital marketing, search engine optimisation, list building and other online marketing strategies.

How to connect airpods to windows laptop?

Connect the Airpods to a PC with a Windows operating system: here are the tools you need and how to configure this type of wireless earphones to the computer. For years Apple and Microsoft have been very fierce protagonists of a technological rivalry as intense as it is exciting. Yet today many would like, and actually can connect AirPods to PCs that support Windows. The same people who probably prefer the solidity and clearer sound of the Apple’s earphones, but who have always chosen the operating system signed by the Redmond giant when it comes to computers.

How can I block my stolen mobile phone?

Lately, the smartphone has become an indispensable tool for communicating. One of the many fundamental features, for those who use it especially for work. For this reason it is necessary to keep it well, avoiding unpleasant loss or theft. A circumstance that if it happens becomes very annoying, since it is necessary to restore the SIM , files and phonebook contacts. However, there is a simple trick to block the stolen phone and bring it back to its origins. So make sure you have everything you need and get started. In the following guide I will explain how to block stolen iphone with imei number.

How to send pdf to kindle?

In addition to loading the classic ebooks in Mobi format, on the Kindle, it is also possible to load texts in pdf or even word format. A very simple way to be able to read and always carry with us our favorite books or other personal documents. The reasons for filling the Kindle are many: the main one is the convenience of having all the necessary texts for work or personal leisure inside. of a single device so that you can consult them quickly and easily, thanks to the feature-rich Amazon software. Let’s see in this guide to send pdf to kindle.

Steps to send pdf to kindle

First, make sure you have the file you want to transfer to your Kindle by checking that it is in pdf format. Once ready you can proceed to connect the portable device to your personal computer using the special USB cable that is usually supplied at the time of purchase. After connecting, turn on your Kindle. In some cases, especially if this is the first time you have performed this procedure, your operating system will take a few minutes to recognize the device, but it is just a matter of waiting for the drivers for your Kindle to be installed.

Upload the pdf to your device

When the Kindle has finished installing the drivers on your PC, open “Windows Explorer” and click on “This PC”. You should now see a new icon representing your device’s memory, with the word KINDLE not visible before. In this space are stored the files necessary for the functioning of the software and consequently also your precious books in digital format. You just have to find the correct path inside the folders and copy the PDF files you want to transfer so that you can then read them with peace of mind wherever you want.

Unplug the Kindle

Essentially, to find the folder in which to copy the PDFs and transfer them, just browse through the memory. The folder you will need to search for, inside your Kindle, is called “Documents” (or “Documents” if it is set in English), alternatively you can search in the appropriate box. Once placed in the directory, select the files and copy them, then paste them into the “Documents” folder. Once the process is finished, disconnect your Kindle from your PC and, from now on, every time you access the catalog of your books, the files you have transferred from your computer will also appear. The procedure can be repeated as many times as you need to upload a new ebook or pdf to the device.

Try this too

You can connect the Kindle to a wireless network, in order to take advantage of all the possibilities of synchronization and integration. Then send the files via email and download them from the device.By buying the device from the Amazon store instead you will have the possibility to send the new books purchased via WiFi with the advantage of integration with the whole Kindle ecosystem, including a whole series of clients that can be installed on computers, PDAs and tablets.

There is also a software called Caliberwhat else is an? iTunes for your Kindle ?. It is a free, well-developed software that allows complete management of your library, complete with metadata, tags, covers, etc. The transfer of contents is done with the drag & drop system and the conversion of the format, if necessary, is done at the time of transfer from the software itself. It manages all ebook formats and the complete library can be updated on your computer. It recognizes the Kindle when you connect it with the cable, just like an iPod. It also supports sending by email.

How to Solve the Cyber Security Global Skills Gap

How to solve the cyber security global skills gap is a question that is being asked regularly by business executives and government officials across the world. Cyber security is a rapidly evolving area of study, which makes it difficult for many businesses to keep abreast of the most important new skills and trends. For this reason, many employers are looking for job applicants with an understanding of this emerging field. This has caused a serious decline in the number of available cyber security professionals. For businesses concerned with Cyber Liability Insurance, visit JMP, experts in Cyber Liability Insurance.

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