use iphone as tv remote

How to use iphone as tv remote?

Have you just bought the super-efficient Thunderbolt cable that lets you connect your Mac to your TV and are you excited about all the features you just discovered? Are you also willing to make your iPhone work as a suitable remote control for your TV or set-top box? There remains only one last unsolved problem: how to manage the commands of the mac without having a suitable remote control. Thing! Do you think that to rewind a video while your Mac is connected to the TV or simply to pause the player you will have to do everything manually? Don’t worry, just read this guide to understand how to use iphone as tv remote which you can manage all the options and features you will need.

How to send pdf to kindle?

In addition to loading the classic ebooks in Mobi format, on the Kindle, it is also possible to load texts in pdf or even word format. A very simple way to be able to read and always carry with us our favorite books or other personal documents. The reasons for filling the Kindle are many: the main one is the convenience of having all the necessary texts for work or personal leisure inside. of a single device so that you can consult them quickly and easily, thanks to the feature-rich Amazon software. Let’s see in this guide to send pdf to kindle.

Steps to send pdf to kindle

First, make sure you have the file you want to transfer to your Kindle by checking that it is in pdf format. Once ready you can proceed to connect the portable device to your personal computer using the special USB cable that is usually supplied at the time of purchase. After connecting, turn on your Kindle. In some cases, especially if this is the first time you have performed this procedure, your operating system will take a few minutes to recognize the device, but it is just a matter of waiting for the drivers for your Kindle to be installed.

Upload the pdf to your device

When the Kindle has finished installing the drivers on your PC, open “Windows Explorer” and click on “This PC”. You should now see a new icon representing your device’s memory, with the word KINDLE not visible before. In this space are stored the files necessary for the functioning of the software and consequently also your precious books in digital format. You just have to find the correct path inside the folders and copy the PDF files you want to transfer so that you can then read them with peace of mind wherever you want.

Unplug the Kindle

Essentially, to find the folder in which to copy the PDFs and transfer them, just browse through the memory. The folder you will need to search for, inside your Kindle, is called “Documents” (or “Documents” if it is set in English), alternatively you can search in the appropriate box. Once placed in the directory, select the files and copy them, then paste them into the “Documents” folder. Once the process is finished, disconnect your Kindle from your PC and, from now on, every time you access the catalog of your books, the files you have transferred from your computer will also appear. The procedure can be repeated as many times as you need to upload a new ebook or pdf to the device.

Try this too

You can connect the Kindle to a wireless network, in order to take advantage of all the possibilities of synchronization and integration. Then send the files via email and download them from the device.By buying the device from the Amazon store instead you will have the possibility to send the new books purchased via WiFi with the advantage of integration with the whole Kindle ecosystem, including a whole series of clients that can be installed on computers, PDAs and tablets.

There is also a software called Caliberwhat else is an? iTunes for your Kindle ?. It is a free, well-developed software that allows complete management of your library, complete with metadata, tags, covers, etc. The transfer of contents is done with the drag & drop system and the conversion of the format, if necessary, is done at the time of transfer from the software itself. It manages all ebook formats and the complete library can be updated on your computer. It recognizes the Kindle when you connect it with the cable, just like an iPod. It also supports sending by email.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

Fossil Sport Smartwatch, a real alternative with Wear OS

We continue our efforts to analyze the most interesting devices on the market that can call your attention, this time we return with a smart watch that will attract many glances for obvious reasons, and this is what happens when a legendary watch brand as Fossil gets down to work to offer a smartwatch.

Do not miss it, discover with us the in-depth analysis of this new product that arrives to dress your doll with colors and functionalities.

As always, the first thing we invite you to do is to watch the video that we leave heading this analysis, in it you will be able to see all the contents of the box thanks to the unboxing, and you will see how it executes its own applications in real time. Let’s see in depth what this Fossil Sport Smartwatch has to offer that you can buy directly at different points of sale, but before a bit of information, right?

Materials and design: It is literally a clock

Fossil wanted to “pull” experience in the design of this Sport Smartwatch, for it uses two boxes, 41 or 43 millimeters depending on the preferences of the user, as well as a range of three colors: Blue, Black and Pink (the pink only available in the version of 41 millimeters). On our occasion we are analyzing what they have called “blue” although it is rather greenish, we are not going to enter into the war of the definition of colors. We have a brushed aluminum top, as well as three side buttons, one with an interactive wheel.

  • Sphere: 41 or 43 millimeters
  • Belt width: universal 22 millimeters
  • Belt included: Silicone

The lower part is made of polycarbonate of the chosen color, as well as the base we find the loading area and a heart rate sensor. At the level of belts we must emphasize that they are easy to install as well as universal, this means that we will be able to change the belts to choose the one that best suits the moment we are going to use this watch. The dial is totally round, quite large and with a small frame on the screen, Fossil has done a fantastic job in this watch that practically looks like a traditional one and that without a doubt satisfies the taste of the majority of users, among whom I am.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

Technical characteristics: Qualcomm running Wear OS

We have the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor from Qualcomm, something that just beginning gives us reliability and power. To store content we will have 4GB of storage and other interesting features such as GPS and altimeter. In short, we will not miss almost anything in this Fossil Sport Smartwatch that comes with everything you need to schedule our workouts in Wear OS, the operating system for smart watches from Google and based on Android.

  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Wear OS
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope, heart rate sensor and GPS
  • Microphone
  • Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS through Wear OS App,
  • System load: Magnetic

Are you missing something in the list? I definitely do not, expecting that we run Wear OS we are clear that we will be able to do everything that is expected of a smart watch focused on sport. We highlight the possibility of making payments through compatible systems such as Google Pay thanks to the fact that it includes an NFC chip, as well as a series of sensors that will make your measurements much more accurate, sincerely, after its use I have not been able to miss it nothing, and that includes up to WiFi for example to control our Spotify Connect devices.

Main features: Do not miss anything

We will give an important review of its main features, this time I have decided to differentiate all of them, at least those that we have tried and have definitely given us a performance that is worth taking into account …

  • Payment system: For the moment it is limited to Google Pay although we do not know if we will soon be able to execute other means. Definitely thanks to the NFC chip we have been able to verify that the payment system is efficient and fast.
  • Manage notifications: The Wear OS notification system we already know, we can interact with them slightly, although in some cases it has arrived with a little delay some notification.
  • Customizable spheres: We have a fairly large cast of spheres, it’s something that surprised me about a firm like Fossil, and we imagine that Google has a lot to do with it.
  • You can swim with it: It has resistance of up to 5 ATM, you can shower with it (checked by us) but not only that, you will also be able to swim with it and make measurements regarding this sport.

We do not have any kind of sports performance management thanks to the Google Fit system, that is, you will be able to test yourself. Definitely my physical performance has not put this Fossil Sport Smartwatch to the test.

Autonomy and interchangeable belts

We come to the “problem” of all these types of products, we have an autonomy of about a day or a day and a half, so we recommend uploading it every night. The screen looks deliciously good being a generalist brand, experience tells me that they have opted for Samsung panels even though we have no information about it, it looks good in all conditions and blacks are very pure.

The straps, as we have said, are universal of 22 millimeters, we can change it by any belt that we want so that our Fossil Sport Smartwatch accompanies us both as a party and our morning running session.


  • It looks like a traditional watch, which for many is an advantage
  • We have the quality of construction and guarantee of Fossil
  • It is extremely light and looks tough
  • I do not miss anything at the level of capabilities and functionalities


  • Wear OS is a host of functions but sometimes lack of performance
  • As always, a day of drums

This Sport Smartwatch from Fossil includes everything that should include a watch that starts from $275. Definitely the price is not the lowest in the market, but few will offer the Fossil guarantee and all these features for this price. At the level of features and design, I think this Fossil Sport Smartwatch is highly recommended over most of the competition, fighting face to face with very serious alternatives such as the Samsung Active range.

Cheapest USB Sticks

The Best USB 3.0 Keys and The Cheapest USB Sticks of 2019

Are you looking for a cheap but high quality USB stick? You’re in the right place! By now there are numerous solutions for data storage, especially online with cloud storage services. But let’s not forget that for many years the small and convenient USB key helped us before external hard drives, SSDs and virtual storage made their appearance.

Despite everything, we can say that the dear pen drive has nine lives, and it will hardly fall into oblivion like its unfortunate predecessor: the floppy disk.

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show: 10″ HD screen for Alexa

Echo Show combines all the smart features of Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, with a large 10-inch display and Dolby stereo audio.

Only a few weeks ago Amazon had expanded the already rich family of smart devices with the launch of Echo Input, but the Seattle colossus’s ambitions to bring their voice assistant Alexa into homes do not stop there, and in fact we are already presenting you a new product just arrived on the virtual shelves of the store: Amazon Echo Show combines a smart speaker with a 10-inch tablet and adds new and interesting applications to Alexa. Let’s see them in our review.

Best Headphones

The 3 Best Headphones From 2018

There are plenty of headphones that you can buy to listen to music or to use as a headset. For example, music lovers want headphones with a clear sound and a hard bass, while gamer want headphones that allow them to hear the game well. In shooting games they listen very carefully to the footsteps of the opponents. When choosing the right headphones you have a lot of choice. Perhaps too much to make a right choice. We have listed the 3 best headphones for you to simplify choosing the right headphones.


What is hoverboard? How does it work?

The hoverboard has become one of the most popular products in the market worldwide. It is a category that does not take much time in the market, but that has gained a great legion of followers worldwide. Although there are many consumers who do not know very well what this product is or how useful it is.

Therefore, we are going to talk about what they are and what the hoverboards are for. Since it is a product that we are seeing with great frequency in the market, and it does not seem that its popularity will happen soon. Thus, we have more information about them. Ready to know more?