Lots of color and design for the new notebooks VAIO, still very alive in Japan

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How badly are faring Japanese companies that make portable? In a time were leaders in technology and design, creating teams that everyone wanted to have, often as great alternatives to Apple devices, but the reality is that none has done him good new more oriented mobile business time. The most […]

design a landing page

Best practices to design a landing page

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Best practices to design a landing page The design of a good landing page will help you get a significantly higher number of conversions for your homepage and dramatically increase the number of subscriptions and user data (email addresses, etc.) you can pick to create better marketing campaigns on-line.

Smartphone Design

Can a mobile become a work of art? The design seeks to break with the established

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In the early days of mobile phones, some designs were really original, both in color and size, keyboard, performance, opening the phone … Who does not remember the trend of making phones that fit almost in the small pocket of jeans? Or the trend of mobile shell (for its closure system), or when […]