Google wants to be your wireless router to ensure good coverage throughout the house

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“Using a single router to broadcast the Internet signal throughout your home is like expecting a single bulb illuminates all rooms”. Therefore, Google has started to present Google WiFi, the router that wants to conquer our homes with one goal: to ensure continuous WiFi coverage and good quality. The philosophy […]


Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft join forces to monitor the development of artificial intelligence

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So far, the big technology companies seemed to have gone their own way in the development of artificial intelligence. We have seen how all point this avenue of research and how many have released their platforms for developers and researchers to contribute to the development of these platforms with all […]

Google Home

Home seems that Google is actually a Chromecast with speaker, microphone and LEDs

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A few days ago held the Google I / O 2016 where the company was part of its future developments and devices that will be released this 2016, among the most notable was the Google Home, a device that will attack directly market Amazon Echo and is enhanced with the […]

Google virtual reality

Google wants to promote the virtual reality of high quality on your Android smartphone with N and Daydream

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Google boosted the advancement of virtual reality for all audiences thanks to Google Cardboard, but now wants to go further with Daydream, a new project that aims to provide a virtual reality of high quality on mobile. With the new Android N will arrive in autumn also come Daydream, this […]

Google and Apple

Google shatters forecasts and unseating Apple as the most valuable company in the world

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Yes, we should refer to it as Alphabet, but for practical and reference to the famous company issues, we still like Google. Well today the Mountain View Company has released financial results for the fourth quarter of 2015, which in turn means the fiscal year end. Something that analysts and investors awaited with great expectation, […]