Facebook, happier but less informed if you delete from the social network

Being able to take out Facebook from your daily life is not easy for everyone, but it could trigger important changes in attitudes. According to a new study (yet another that seeks to bring out any social dangers), users who leave the service become happier, spend more time with friends and relatives (in person), but are at the same time less informed. To say it is the Stanford and New York City Universities.


Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft join forces to monitor the development of artificial intelligence

So far, the big technology companies seemed to have gone their own way in the development of artificial intelligence. We have seen how all point this avenue of research and how many have released their platforms for developers and researchers to contribute to the development of these platforms with all possible resources.


Facebook will begin to experiment with a system of public high-speed WiFi

Facebook is announced important news, after yesterday jumpstart your Developer Conference F8 with an interesting keynote of Mark Zuckerberg, now lectures continue with less noise, but with details that continue to draw attention, because today have been announced two new initiatives that It has to do with internet connections.

For some years we have seen how Facebook has an active participation in this field, with betting and internet via satellite, by lasers or giant drones, besides its initiative internet.org, but most of these projects are focused on marginalized areas, so now they will step further and seek placed in small towns. We know Terragraph and ARIES Project.