How to Build the Perfect Website2

How to Build the Perfect Website

Creating a website can really take up a lot of time so you’ll want to make sure you get it right. Using a company that specialises in web design can help immensely. I highly recommend the Yorkshire web design company, Etempa. They can take the stress of building a website off your shoulders, plus you don’t have to worry about your website being short from perfect.

How to Make Sure your House Purchasing Process Gets off to a Good Start2

How to Make Sure your House Purchasing Process Gets off to a Good Start

Purchasing a house is a huge deal and deciding which house to go for can feel like a minefield. How often do we read about people who have bought a property only to find that it is not at all what they wanted in reality, or that they have had to spend a fortune on repairs that they weren’t aware of? If this sounds exactly like the sort of thing that you are trying to avoid, and is making your fret about choosing the right house, read on to find out how you can do your best to ensure that you choose the right house for you…

How to work with a marketing strategist2

How to work with a marketing strategist

A Marketing Strategy Consultant such as those from Really Helpful Marketing is invaluable to small businesses that struggle to meet their advertising goals because they are not only experienced in delivering advertising solutions but also in delivering comprehensive solutions for digital marketing, search engine optimisation, list building and other online marketing strategies.

How to Solve the Cyber Security Global Skills Gap2

How to Solve the Cyber Security Global Skills Gap

How to solve the cyber security global skills gap is a question that is being asked regularly by business executives and government officials across the world. Cyber security is a rapidly evolving area of study, which makes it difficult for many businesses to keep abreast of the most important new skills and trends. For this reason, many employers are looking for job applicants with an understanding of this emerging field. This has caused a serious decline in the number of available cyber security professionals. For businesses concerned with Cyber Liability Insurance, visit JMP, experts in Cyber Liability Insurance.

What are the best meeting Apps for a phone2

What are the best meeting Apps for a phone?

As we continue the current trend for home working and remote working the need to stay in touch for business purposes is paramount. Luckily, there are several ways that the business person on the go, or rather, working from home, can use to stay in touch and keep the profit of the company still following an upward trend.

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First of all if you need to have an upgrade do not despair. A quick visit to a Vodafone Store Ireland  is all that you will need to get the latest machines and what they can offer you. When you have a new phone in place here are some of the best to use.

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  1. Microsoft Teams.  Where would we be without the godfather of all things computer language and programmes? It’s a fair point to make that without Teams working from home would be very difficult. Teams is any overarching program that lets you mingle with colleagues and see their faces on video chat. Whole meetings can be conducted with a slew of workmates. You can share screens to present data and even work in multimedia applications and surveys. It can also be run from a phone or tablet.
  2. Whats app. The quick and secure internet phone system allows you to have perfect one to ones. The fact that both sides of the call are encrypted mean that there is greater protection for you both.
  3. Zoom. The pandemic has really pushed Zoom into the limelight, not only due to the famous bloopers people have committed on them during meetings including a now infamous angry local council meeting. All that aside, the system gives you a free 40 minute window before it starts to charge you or you subscribe to it.

What to consider when planning your website

Websites are incredibly important for any business to give themselves a presence online. With more and more people shopping online and looking for advice and support on the internet it is a place where every successful business needs to be. When planning your website there are a number of things that you need to consider. One is that of a Domain Name. Check out for ideas.

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Text draws more interest than photographs.

As much as we love pictures, the truth is that they will simply be screened by most people. You’re far better off doing it through text if you have a point that you really need to get across to a reader or potential lead.

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From the top left corner, people start browsing your website.

Remember the ‘F pattern’. For virtually every single location, that applies. It’s how we have been taught to look for knowledge and data. By placing your most important messages in this field, make use of this and try to make your value proposition clear.

Banners are ignored by readers.

Converting banners poorly. At some point, the modern world took it a little too far with them, and we were taught to disregard them and even grow a bad taste for brands using them.

People only scan your website’s lower parts.

The chances are high that they will be scanning and skimming your content after people begin to scroll down. To make the best use of this, summarise your key points, make sure to use a large amount of headings. Make them descriptive and your search engine rankings will also help.

Short paragraphs work better than those that are long.

Our attention spans are shorter than ever and you need to take that into consideration. Large chunks of text puts people off so keep it to the point and interesting and of course don’t forget SEO.

How Long Should A Domain Name Be2

How Long Should A Domain Name Be?

It’s important to choose a domain name that reflects your brand. Your domain name is your permanent web address. Much like a building address, it’s not something that can be easily changed. The maximum character length a domain name can be is 253 characters for a whole URL, or 63 characters not including domain extensions.

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So How Long Should My Domain Name Be?

Your domain name should contain no more than three separate words and 17 characters. The suggested character count does not include ‘www.’, ‘https://’ or the domain extension (e.g. .com or .net). 80% of registered domain names are between 6 and 17 letters long. Only 10% of domain names contain more than 17 letters.

What About Longer Words?

Sometimes domain names longer than 17 letters are acceptable. One example of this is This website offers information about the Welsh town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch – or Llanfair PG to its residents. In this case the name of the long town name is relevant and distinctive, so the domain name, while unusually long, is perfectly acceptable to use.

However, not every place or business is as unique as Llanfair PG! Lots of domain names are already in use. If you want to buy domain names that have already been registered, obviously you can’t register these names too. If you’re looking for further information about how to buy domain names for your website, sites like can offer you more detailed information.

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Here are two reasons why you should stick to shorter domain names.

Shorter Names Create Better User Experiences

A shorter domain name will make visiting your website a better experience for users. Shorter domain names are easier to remember. ‘www.mybrandwebsite’ is intuitively going to be easier for users to remember than ‘www.mysuperfantasticcoolbrandwebsite’. It’s recommended that you use no more than three dictionary words in your domain name. If you use any more than that, it’s likely that users won’t remember your address. Typing in words in the wrong order or missing a word entirely will take them to a different site.

Shorter Names Look More Professional

Shorter domain names also have the advantage of looking more professional and trustworthy to your users. A super-long domain name makes your site and any associated email addresses seem suspect or spammy. The more your domain name resembles that of other trustworthy sites, the more it will appeal to users.


How to wake up with music

Do you hate the sound of the alarm clock in the morning and more than once have you had to fight the temptation to hurl your trusted smartphone against the wall? Understandable: no matter how the producers strive to provide pleasant, gentle and harmonious ringtones, our brains will identify them as the “enemy” who pulls us from Orpheus’ arms, to bring us back to the harsh reality. Solutions? The “cure of the hammer” is perhaps a bit extreme, and even the idea of an alarm clock strike, however tempting, could be disliked by our boss; it would take a sound that we know and appreciate, something whose listening puts us in a good mood.


What are PWAs and how they work?

Nowadays there is an app to do almost anything: there is an app for photos and videos, an app to watch movies in streaming, an app to book airplanes and travel etc … To tell the truth there are hundreds of apps to do each of these things and browsing through the Google app stores, Apple can choose the most suitable mobile applications for our needs. However, all this may soon change. Or rather, evolve: the PWAs, Progressive Web App, are beginning to spread. That is the apps of the future, which thanks to their features offer the user a better user experience than today’s apps. But what are Progressive Web Apps and how do they work?