Netgear Orbi RBK13

Netgear Orbi RBK13: A trio of elegance

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We have always considered Netgear’s Orbi a standard for home mesh products. This is because Netgear has made mesh technology simple and for everyone before many others, putting attention to design first, which is certainly not irrelevant when the router is no longer just the one closed in a cabinet, […]


Basic Guide to Buying Your New Router: Tips, Specs, and Model Selection for Every Pocket

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Although we often do not give it the attention it deserves, the router is the heart of our homes connected and through it pass all data, videos, photos, network games and other multimedia information to which we access daily. The operators install us basic models that cover the contracted connectivity […]

WiFi Router

Are you looking for a new router? These are the ones we recommend

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The quality of your Internet connection not only depends on the speed you have contracted (although it is an important factor) but also depends on network devices with the connection occurs. If they have a low quality, it is likely that the connection is unstable and does not get to have a smooth […]