Graphics Card

Already not make your friend graphics cards friend 2000? This amazing project shows you how

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If rondos 40 certainly remember the Commodore Amiga and legendary computers that could (and should) change the history of computing forever but eventually ostracized for various reasons. I was proud owner of a 1200 for years, but both this machine and the rest of the catalog were forgotten for almost […]


NVIDIA will release a dual-core GTX

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Given the latest presentations held by AMD it seems that NVIDIA have seen the wolf ears and have launched their equipment in order to reduce the alleged advantages that have recently acquired red. That is why we have invited a few US media at a conference in New York, all under the strictest secrecy. This seems […]

Robot Vaccum Cleaner

What robot vacuum cleaner should I buy?

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Let’s be honest and let’s face it, we are tired of cleaning! If you want to use your time on something other than sweep that room is full of dust and dirt from Web2Gb is a selection of our best vacuuming robots to make your purchasing decision easier. Robot vacuum cleaners are the five most widely sold!