Best Headphones

The 3 Best Headphones From 2018

There are plenty of headphones that you can buy to listen to music or to use as a headset. For example, music lovers want headphones with a clear sound and a hard bass, while gamer want headphones that allow them to hear the game well. In shooting games they listen very carefully to the footsteps of the opponents. When choosing the right headphones you have a lot of choice. Perhaps too much to make a right choice. We have listed the 3 best headphones for you to simplify choosing the right headphones.


If you are worried that they are spying on you, do not forget to disconnect the headphones

You may increasingly have more privacy awareness in the use of our devices, and hence the custom of many users cover the webcam. But perhaps less attention to capture audio, and now the team of researchers from Mordechai Guri has again demonstrated it lends the “simple” that is remotely spy, this time using headphones as a microphone to record audio.

We say that it has done so since this researcher, head of the Cybersecurity Laboratory at Ben Gurion University in Israel, and his team have spent some time trying to find out what possible ways exist to access the information of another user without resorting to Complex procedures. In fact, this time turning to Realtek chip found on many computers and a fairly simple malware.

Amazon patented headphone

Amazon patented headphones that will go out to hear certain sounds like your name

Although not always end up materializing into a final product, patents signing large technology companies help us to know in which direction they move and what product lines are working. And it seems that Amazon may be working on a headset with noise canceling smart.

These headphones would have a patented technology that Amazon last July 19. With it, while we evade us to listen to our music without interfering outside noises, headphones would be listening to automatically shut down when they hear certain sound patterns, frequencies or keywords as our name.

Mi Band 2 Xiaomi

New SmartBand and headphones in sight, new accessories are being Xiaomi

It is customary by the Chinese brand Xiaomi start presenting its new products, in addition to smartphones and presented also start to have home electronics such as MiTV 3 (presented about a month ago) and now leads their accessories, one of the strengths of the company.

This time we will talk about a new SmartBand and a new hearing. Both come to replace earlier versions, i.e. new developments and SmartBand comes as a replacement for the popular and best-selling Mi Band, and in turn these new headphone come to supply the piston 3 Xiaomi.