Microsoft Surface Phone

The rumors that have to do with Microsoft making hardware can become endless over the years; perhaps the most repeated it is the phone Surface, which few doubt after the transformation of the company into creative gadgets. Lately we have found products that take luster to their platform as Surface Pro or Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Phone
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Then to mount a phone is a very different way, but also much more necessary for the boys from Redmond, as it is a business that is costing horrors grow. If we pay attention to a specialized source Daniel Rubino, Surface Phone should have in the second half of next year.

No specific details on the Surface Phone, yes we should aim at Intel as creator of internal hardware

We have the team of Surface, with Panos Panay in the lead; you are creating a high-end phone – obviously – with Windows 10 operating system, and a very special partner putting the internal hardware: Intel.

Considering the quality of the past Surface devices, I consider that the occurrence of such a product put on the map to the mobile platform of Microsoft, and many people would turn his head at the alternative.

The boys from Redmond have little to lose at the entrance to a business that does not have many partners, and it has, do not help to improve market shares.

Looking for away from the Lumia line telephone little heritage Nokia, this is the style that Panos Panay and his team are printed in their creations. Nor have doubts point to a “Premium” product, with metallic materials.

The role of Intel

It would take a special hardware to put on a new level for universal applications

Intel would enter a crucial reference product, to give him a place in the mobile market. No way to cut land with Qualcomm, MediaTek and other companies who bet on the ARM architecture instead of X86.

It would be interesting to place such a powerful hardware than the game of Continuum could become something more serious than just met – Win 32 applications -. Something more than the last Snapdragons level, regardless of the price been resented for it (see Surface Book, does not seem to be a handicap for Microsoft).

The main reason why this project would be revitalized in Panos Panay, which until July of this year there took command of the “Devices Group” of Microsoft, and therefore had no power until then to make a move. Apparently it was much more interesting for him to continue to develop this project as the McLaren.

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