Telegram hide phone number tricks

The use of this messaging app continues to grow as it is a great tool for Communities and as a communication channel. Among the many features it offers, we have the ability to hide our phone numbers on Telegram. Let’s see how to do telegram hide phone number.

This post is dedicated to all those people who are joining the Telegram groups that I manage. Why hide your phone number on Telegram?

Telegram hide phone number

Telegram hide phone number tricks

Your phone number is something delicate that you don’t want everyone to have. Unless it’s work, of course. But many people do not have two telephone lines or two mobiles to separate the activities of the different areas.

Surely you participated in some training or training whose dynamics implied being in a WhatsApp or Telegram group and your phone number was exposed.

It happened to me. And not only as a participant but also as an organizer.

I remember how uncomfortable it was to see some misplaced people annoy other users with offers, contact proposals, etc. A tactic not at all recommended when selling online.

And it is that when you do a dynamic like this, it is very difficult to control in detail who enters. The forms are usually basic in order to speed up the acquisition of leads.

That is why now I carry out all my training in Telegram, to offer greater privacy to the participants and take advantage of the wide variety of functionalities it offers to work with communities.

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Privacy Settings in Telegram

In the Telegram Settings, we have some options to preserve our privacy, such as:

  • Block users, so that they can no longer contact us or see when we connect.
  • Hide your phone number from everyone or leave it public. Also, choose that only your contacts can see it or manually choose some of them for the exception to the general rule.
  • Hide who can see information about your last time connected to the application.
  • Show or hide your profile photo or indicate specific users as an exception to this rule.
  • Attach a link to your profile when they forward a message originally sent by you.
  • And also choose who can call you or add you to groups and channels.
  • If you don’t have Telegram yet, you can see that its features are much more interesting than WhatsApp, although the Facebook application is so ingrained in Latin custom that it is very difficult to leave it. So at this time, those of us who work in marketing are living with both.

How to hide my phone number on Telegram

Let’s see then how to configure this privacy setting so that other users cannot see your phone number.

1. Open Telegram and look for the hamburger menu, it is the icon with three stripes at the top left. In both the mobile and desktop versions, it is usually in that location. The contextual menu with the application options will open.

2. Click Settings, it has a gear icon next to it.

3. Enter Privacy and Security, distinguishable with a padlock icon.

4. The second option is the one we are looking for: ” Telephone number “. Now you can configure who will see your number and who can find you if they search for you with this information: Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody. If you choose “Nobody”, you have the option to exempt some contacts from this rule.

Clever. You can now participate in groups with confidence, knowing that no stranger will see your number.

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