how to select text on iphone

It is good to keep in mind that on iPhone it is absolutely possible to select only a part of the text. This is one of the basic operations that you can perform on a daily basis with your device. For many, it is a fairly obvious procedure, but it should be noted that for the less experienced, even this small technique can be a great barrier to entry. In this guide, step by step, I will give all the useful information on the most correct procedure on how to select text on iPhone, remembering that it is a device equipped with the Apple iOS operating system.

How to select text on iPhone?

First, you will need to position the pointer. To perform this type of procedure, you will have to go exactly to the beginning of the portion of the text on which you are going to act; you simply have to click on the relevant point. If the text is too small and you are unable to place the pointer where you want, all you have to do is hold down on the text line until the tool appears which is in the shape of a magnifying glass, which will be supported in the user support. In this regard, it will be sufficient to move along the text and choose the position concerned.

how to select text on iphone

Select the relevant text

In the event that the interest should fall on a portion of text that is limited to the characters of a word, just double-tap on the term concerned. If, on the other hand, the reference text is included in a text box, it will be possible to select all the text in the reference box by always double-tapping the text. If the interest falls on a portion of text that is limited to the characters of a word, a double-tap on the term concerned is sufficient. If, on the other hand, the text in question is included in a text box, you can select all the text in the reference box, always double-tapping the text. You also read: how to search for a word on a page?

Select a single piece of text

On the other hand, it may happen that you have to select a part of the text that is smaller than the single term, or wider than the word and smaller than the paragraph, or even greater than a single or alternatively more paragraphs. In this case, it will be essential, after choosing where to start with the selection, to select a word with a double-tap and release. At this point, you will find yourself in front of two blue placeholders that are on the sides of the selected word. These two placeholders are movable and these are the limits within which the portion of text to be selected must be inserted. The placeholders can be moved to all four cardinal points.

Enter the text by typing

Another possible procedure with the iPhone is to enter text by typing. In this circumstance, you will have to place the insertion point where you intend to insert the text itself. To do this, you have two options. The first is to tap where you want to insert the text. The second instead move the insertion point simply by dragging it. If you are dealing with a rather long text document, you will have to hold down the border of the latter, and then drag the cursor to locate the text you intend to review. Type the text you want to insert, also bearing in mind that you can insert text that you have copied or cut from elsewhere in the document. Consultation of the voice “

Use a text selection application

Apple introduced a feature in version 3.0 of the phone’s firmware that allows you to highlight and select text within an application. Once selected, the text can be cut or copied and then pasted into any other application that accepts text input. Individual words can be selected, or a sentence, paragraph, or all text can be highlighted in the current input field. The hotkeys appear once the text has been highlighted, so you can choose what type of operation you want to perform on it. Then start the application that contains the paragraph of text you intend to select. Press the first word in the paragraph and drag the cursor to the beginning of the word.

Use the Drafts program

Another good way to properly select a piece of text on the iPhone is to use special “drafts”. A perfect program to carry out this procedure is Drafts, which can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Once you have installed this program, you will have to select exactly any text that cannot be changed in any other way, then share it in Drafts and then work on it in complete tranquility, also taking advantage of all the features listed above. Once all the various operations have been completed, it will be possible to share the text where it is deemed most appropriate. Drafts are therefore of great help, especially if you need to copy a list of phone numbers and email addresses directly from a web page.

To be able to obtain an excellent result in terms of selecting a part of the text on the iPhone, you should never be rushed.

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