how to change ip address on iphone

The Internet Protocol (IP ) address is a numerical series to uniquely identify any device, fixed or mobile, while connected to the Internet. The IP address can be of two types: static and dynamic. A static IP address always remains the same every time you connect to the Internet, while the dynamic one changes all the time; obtaining the latter is not easy, and some ADSL operators only grant it for a fee. However, on some devices, you can also change it manually. In the following guide, we will see in particular how to change ip address on iphone.

How to change ip address on iphone?

how to change ip address on iphone

Step 1:

First of all, through the main menu, access the Apple Store and write “IP Manager” in the search bar of the applications; once you have found the application, start the download, wait the time necessary to download the application and follow the very easy procedure for installing the device on your iPhone. “IP manager” is an application that allows you to monitor the IP address from which you are connected constantly, so you will need, at the end of the operations, to check that the IP address has changed.

Step 2:

Considering that on the iPhone, the WiFi connection proceeds in a priority way compared to the 3G network and considering that changing the IP address with a WiFi connection is somewhat difficult, access the iPhone settings and therefore disable the WiFi connection. Therefore make sure that the reference is made exclusively through the 3G network.

Step 3:

Once the WiFi connection is disabled, also deactivate the air mode, let a few seconds pass, and then activate it again. By doing so, the 3G network will automatically assign a new IP address. Using “IP manager,” verify that the IP address has changed and is not the same as indicated before turning off the air mode. The rare case that the IP address has not changed, deactivate the flight mode again and repeat the above operations.

Step 4:

If the network configuration of the iPhone has been done manually, and then you have entered the IP address, the subnet mask, the router address and the DNS yourself, you can change the IP of the device as follows: open Settings> Wi-Fi> find your preferred network and tap the blue arrow that appears on the right, making sure that the? Static? The button is active.

What is the advantage of IP address?

One of the advantages of changing the IP address is when in some countries they want to download an application for android devices, and they find the message “The application is not available in your country or region” when changing the IP address in this case if they could download the application without any problem. It can also be useful in some countries that censor certain websites and online services, which can be accessed by changing the IP address.

We might need to change the IP address in some download sites on the Internet that only allow one download per day. However, by changing the IP address, you can download what you want without restrictions.

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