How to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp

Sharing content on a social network is an everyday thing, but it can get complicated when sharing it on a different network. Sometimes the options are limited, for example, knowing how to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp.

There are very simple options, which make it easy to transfer a video from one platform to another with just a few steps. It is possible to make use of applications, links, download systems and much more. Take note of the simpler procedures below.

How to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp?

How to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp

The easiest way to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp is by using a downloader. It is an application that is installed on the mobile and allows you to obtain the video with simple steps. To achieve this, it is necessary to execute the following procedure:

  • Once downloaded, go to the Facebook video you want to share and click on the three menu points. Select the Copy link option.
  • Next, go to the download application and paste the link in the corresponding bar. After the system recognizes it, click on the download button.
  • Once it is in the device gallery, you can share it on WhatsApp with all your contacts and even in the states. Apply the settings of the messaging system and you can display the content as you wish.

Share option

For some time, Facebook and WhatsApp have belonged to the same company, so it is possible to use both social networks quickly and easily. In addition, buttons have been incorporated that provide various options. If you want to share a video with this modality, you just have to take into account the following steps:

  1. Enter Facebook, the video you want to share, and press the menu in the three points of the publication.
    Then, hit the share option.
  2. Next, a series of options are displayed where it is possible to share the information. In this case, tap More options.
  1. Now, all the options available to you on mobile are opened. Select WhatsApp and the messaging system opens immediately. Choose the contacts or post them directly to the status. Direct access to the video will be created through a link.
  2. This is the fastest option that exists because the recipient receives a link with the publication. However, the downside is that you must have Facebook to be able to access the platform and view the material.

The option to share with the link is similar to the previous one but requires a different procedure. As for the result, the recipient will receive the same information but in the form of a link. This is a very useful alternative that is executed as follows:

  • Access the Facebook video you want to share on WhatsApp. Click on the three points and when the options are displayed, click on Copy link.
  • Now, go to the WhatsApp interface and select the contact you want to share the information with.
  • In the bar to write the message, press paste and the link will be attached automatically and will even show a thumbnail. Press the send button and that’s it. Also, you can paste the link to be shared in the states.

The same steps described in each of the available modalities can be used in the web version of WhatsApp. You just have to have both social networks open on the PC to make it easier to share the information.

In conclusion, knowing how to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp allows you to take advantage of technological tools to keep up with events. Seeing an interesting event, your friends can immediately find out and enjoy the news. It is only necessary to know the functions of each social network.

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