how to clean phone speaker

There are a lot of problems with your phone speaker and you have been using the same method over and over again to clean it. But still, it’s not coming out clean. So what is the problem? Is it that you didn’t follow the right steps? No! Your phone speaker is actually dirty.

The dust and dirt trapped in your phone speaker cannot be removed by ordinary methods. You need to use special tools to do so.

How to clean phone speaker?

There are a few ways to clean your phone speaker. You can use a vacuum cleaner, compressed air, or a laser pointer.

Vacuum Cleaner: This is the most common way to clean phone speakers. All you need to do is attach the vacuum cleaner’s hose to the speaker and turn it on. The suction will remove all the dust and dirt from inside the speaker.

Compressed Air: If you don’t have a hose, you can use compressed air instead. Buy this in any hardware or computer store near your location and then blow the dirt using it.

Light Laser Pointer: Yes! The beam of a laser pointer is powerful enough to clean out the speaker inside your phone if used correctly.  Just make sure that there is no dust on top of cell before starting this procedure otherwise; you will end up with more problems than you started with.

Creative and simple ways

1.) Cleaning the Speaker with a Toothbrush:

Use any toothbrushes to clean out your phone’s speaker. It will remove all of that little dirty speck in no time at all. Use caution though – you can scratch and harm it! So use gentle strokes when using this method as not to go overboard or damage anything. The soft bristles of what tooth brush should be fine for most speaker cleaning needs even if there is a lot of junk to get out.

2.) Deodorant and Paper Towel:

If you need a larger surface area, simply use an opened roll of paper towels and hold it up against the underside or side of your cell phone speaker with sticky tape – like using scotch tape wrap-around style.. Spread about 1/4 inch section widths for every 5 inches at least – if not longer lengths will actually be just fine too . Then pour in an all natural deodorant and any commonly available can freshener that you would find at your local department retailer.  Leave it for about 15 minutes to get the maximum clean up – then rub gently on own surfaces where debris built up inside speaker base of cell phone is located, screen and around even earpiece area too if needed.

3.) Silicone Spray:

Silicon lubricants spray or simply sticky silicone spray will help you remove tough deposits from the speaker. Spray in a very small amount then rub whatever element or material firmly using finger tips to loosen debris up and away.

4.) Cleaning with Bypass:    

Run your power cell phone down until it’s out of energy – once there, take off back cover and press buttons as hard as possible without breaking them! Once you’ve pushed every key that lays on your mobile’s keyboard one after another, this will actually trigger a bypass mode where you can clean your mobile without damaging it. You’ll have to wait until battery

charges back up again before using officially again though, once everything on screen resumes then power down and repeat this process twice more just make sure every spec of gunk is removed completely from both sides of speaker base area.

Things you must consider before cleaning phone speaker

1.) There are some instances where when we clean your speaker, this might cause the phone to accept any sounds you’re sending out and display wrong symbols or characters on screen. This is due to it being very sensitive part that picks up sound vibrations using tips of internal membrane moving from side-to-side so make sure not shake too much while cleaning by holding steady a little firmly but not causing permanent extreme strain on said areas.

2.) Most of the time it would be safe to clean but few situations where any damage can occur are:

–  If you press wrong button by mistake from your keypad as this might harm entire internal speaker elements physically. – They break especially if they’re made in cheap build quality so use caution while cleaning with hands more’n carefully.   – In case the phone is very old then don’t risk getting oil and residue off of speaker tips as this might cause premature permanent damage on said speaker parts and should just avoid risking it all the same. – If you’re rushing too much or cleaning for fun/experimentation purposes, then again do not forcefully press your mobile’s buttons against hard surface as this may snap off some of internal hardware components permanently damaging your mobile beyond modern-day repairability standards

– Never put hair dyer to clean phone speaker cores; they’re built using ferrite cores and would ruin your phone’s sound quality if u exceed the working range – Never force any objects into speaker area forcibly as this might crack delicate internal components, rendering said mobile busted.

– Avoid getting anything damp such as water on internal speaker parts, specially when cleaning them with hands or microfibre cloth/towel for longer lasting usage so please try to be extremely careful of that sensitive stuff inside there.

Clean your phone’s speaker by using a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe off dust and debris. Don’t use anything abrasive. If you’re worried about leaving streaks, try rubbing the surface of the speaker with a gentle motion.

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