how to boost wifi signal on phone

Today, compared to a few years ago, you can connect to the Internet via smartphone and tablet, and it is possible to do so in two different ways: through the data of the sim or with Wi-Fi. In the first case, the quality of the signal depends on the area you are in and on the characteristics of the device you are using; for Wi-Fi, however, reception depends on proximity to the access point. However, in case you are away from the modem, you can make small changes to increase the connection speed . So let’s see, through the steps of the following guide, how to boost wifi signal on phone.

How to boost wifi signal on phone?

how to boost wifi signal on phone

Aside from turning the router off and on again, which should always be the first option when a poor Wi-Fi connection occurs, another way is to use the Wi-Fi analyzer app, which provides the best channel to use for your own. net. Without going into details, these apps allow you to optimize your network without having to do any manual settings.

Secondly, you can evaluate which network in the area has the most stable connection, which is often not the one the phone connects to by default. Finally, it offers easy access to network information such as IP address, network gateway, DNS, etc.

Use the 5 GHz band

Most of the latest generation Android smartphones (and routers) support the 5 GHz frequency band. When setting up your router, you most likely created two separate Wi-Fi networks to choose from during installation. Most routers name 5GHz networks by adding the suffix 5G to the end of the SSID. So if the network is on the 2.4 GHz frequency, it is always a good idea to switch to the 5 GHz band where there is much more free space on the spectrum. Here are 23 channels of 20 MHz each, which is much more than the 14 channels offered on 2.4 GHz. Since the channels do not overlap, this is likely to result in a stronger and more stable signal.

Use the FXR WiFi fix and Rescue app

This application is free and allows you to change the configurations of the Wi-Fi card integrated into your smartphone to optimize it. Unlike many other applications, FXR WiFi fix and Rescue actually works and the improvements are visible right away. The software, in fact, does not act on the existing configuration but generates a new optimized one. Set the operating system registry to load the new setting and not the factory one.

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