How to connect airpods to ps4

I was wondering if someone could explain how to connect my apple airpods to the PS4. I already connected them to my iphone and it works great but we need a controller we cant use our phones for everything.

How to connect airpods to ps4?

How to connect airpods to ps4

Before you can connect AirPods to PS4, it’s important to know whether the PS4 supports Bluetooth technology and/or how to enable Bluetooth on your PS4. As of now, the only device that is compatible with PlayStation 4 is DualShock 4 controller. You can check the compatibility list.

1. Open the charging case near your ps4 and make sure the ps4 detects your airpods. if this doesn’t work, make sure you put them in the right way (the little indicator light should be red)

2. Now to connect them click on settings > devices > audio devices or something similar and select “connect wireless headphones”

3. Now your airpods should connect and you can listen to all your games with it. Now you might have this problem of the audio cutting out from time to time, to fix this you go back into settings > devices > audio devices or something similar and select “adjust audio device settings”. here you set the output format to “Bluetooth setting” instead of the default.

4. Now play around with the other options in there to get your preferred audio settings. For me turning off “reverb effects” did it but I don’t know what that does exactly so feel free to experiment i guess.

5. Congrats you now enjoy all your games with airpods and aren’t forced to listen to your friends on ps4 chat anymore.

Things to remember when connecting airpods to ps4

1. Make sure the charging case is near your ps4 when you start it up before trying to connect them.

2. Check if your airpods are in the right way because otherwise they won’t be detected by the ps4.

3. You can check if your airpods are connected by putting on music or a video on your ps4 and switching between audio sources to see if it changes from the tv speakers to the airpods.

4. You can now turn on/off your controller by double tapping one of your airpods which is a pretty cool feature as well especially if you want to save battery life for example when playing a typing game.

5. If you want to use multiple controllers, you will have to connect them one by one and not all at the same time.

6. Just like with your iphone if your phone looses connection or turns of both devices will automatically turn off as well so always make sure your phone is near your ps4 when using this feature.

7. You can use this feature with your ps3 as well but the connection will be a bit laggy and there might be some problems especially if you are playing online games. So make sure not to use your airpods when playing online multiplayer games on ps4 because it might cause some issues otherwise enjoy 🙂


I hope this article helps you out, if it does don’t forget to leave a like and share the article with your friends. If there are any questions just leave them in the comments down below and i’ll be happy to answer them all 🙂

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