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PCs, laptops, and inevitable tragedies

For a long time the PCs and laptops had very unattractive: the objective of those gray machines was to work with them, nothing more. Its popularity, however, resulted in a new golden era of desktop computing where manufacturers were launching increasingly powerful computers that mattered power for work and play, but also the design.

The advent of smartphones and tablets marked the end of that period, and sales began to decline. This trend is confirmed quarter after quarter, which revealed both IDC and Gartner in its latest reports. And the irony is obvious: never could enjoy best teams, but even that has managed to stop the bleeding.


NVIDIA the future of virtual reality and artificial intelligence

NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, has an interesting GPUTechn inaugural conference in 2016, an event dedicated to the segment of graphics processors. In it the head of the firm told us about new releases of a company that is very clear about where it wants to direct his steps.

These steps are concentrated in two segments that are on everyone’s lips: virtual reality and artificial intelligence. His new solutions among other things allow users to use their laptops and HTC Vive Oculus Rift thanks to new Quadro M5500. The Tesla P100 is the other leg of the strategist aimed at high -performance computing environments in which artificial intelligence is increasingly protagonist.

HP PageWidePro

HP wants to win the battle compatible cartridges with new pigmented inks

It seems incredible that one can buy ink cartridges for printer with such joy and not often think again about the fact that the cost of the “official” inks is twice what it would cost the prestigious Chanel No. 5. However, manufacturers Cheap plaguing them competitive products and against which logically compatible manufacturers struggle with all kinds of chicanery cartridges.


ODROID-C2 is an alternative to Raspberry Pi 3 faster and with twice the memory

A few hours that we have met the expected Raspberry Pi 3, competition in this in minimum cost computers has been rapidly presenting alternatives. Some of you will ring plates ODROID, returning with an affordable solution that improvement in some aspects PI 3.

The new entrant is called ODROID-C2, and is a ‘minimum’ computer that costs more than $ 40. For that price its creators – Hard Kernel – offer us a team that is faster than Raspberry Pi 3 plus fold in memory.

Intel IoT

Intel introduced a new platform for IoT

At the presentation in Santa Clara, Intel introduced a new platform for the “Internet of Things“. It includes two reference architecture and a set of proprietary solutions optimized for the growing market of IoT. Among these new microcontrollers and SoC Series Intel Quark, as well as specialized operating system Wind River to support cloud services.

“Intel continues to strengthen its position by providing a comprehensive set of building blocks to enhance the capacity of its ecosystem in the area of ​​IoT. We simplify for our customers transition from the scale of individual “smart” things to the cloud using Intel Quark SE and specialized OS for microcontrollers,” – said by a senior vice president at Intel IoT Group Douglas Davis.


NVIDIA will release a dual-core GTX

Given the latest presentations held by AMD it seems that NVIDIA have seen the wolf ears and have launched their equipment in order to reduce the alleged advantages that have recently acquired red. That is why we have invited a few US media at a conference in New York, all under the strictest secrecy. This seems to have been held during the last week and due to the prevailing secrecy seems that the presentation is intended as a big surprise.

WiFi Router

Are you looking for a new router? These are the ones we recommend

The quality of your Internet connection not only depends on the speed you have contracted (although it is an important factor) but also depends on network devices with the connection occurs. If they have a low quality, it is likely that the connection is unstable and does not get to have a smooth sailing. Here, routers typically companies renting us are, in most cases, of questionable quality. That is why today we bring you different alternatives for both ADSL as “Cable” with which to make the most of your Internet connection. In future post we will discuss how to improve the part of “client”.