15.6-inch convertible

I like twists. I like that technology companies iterate and try to surprise us, but there are things that just do not have a reasonable explanation for many of us. Everything has a limit.

This limit seems to have been overtaken by HP, which wanted to take the form of convertible to absurdity. Your new HP Pavilion x360 allows us to use this equipment in notebook mode with your hard keyboard, but also rotate the screen almost 360° to meet a heavy, gigantic and many will probably not be able to use comfortably tablet. Who should use this product?

15.6-inch convertible
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Whoever takes a lot of space, the less it tightens up?

In the official press release of HP company responsible for the claim that “some customers want thin and light PCs to move while others want power and performance to create and store”.

That speech makes some sense, but here we fall into the error of follow trends for the sake of following them. A convertible team does not make sense at all diagonals, like a Smartphone nor is above (or below) certain steps. In the 15.6 -inch Pavilion x360 the mistake of thinking that this concept is valid for all formats is committed, and that’s the problem.

We have repeated again and again in our analysis of similar equipment: tablets and convertible notebooks make us have to settle on one or another section: or sacrifice portability to gain in productivity (rigid keyboard and larger screen) or sacrifice power and ability to produce (increasingly less true) and consume content in order to be able to move with these devices more easily.

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HP precisely this team makes the mistake of not wanting to recognize that very thing. Certainly there are cases of use for all types of niches, but this team does not invite to be used as a tablet. The 13.3 – inch convertible notebooks and tablets use as a condition: they are heavy and bulky compared to pure tablets, and that makes handling them in this way end up being a conviction. Imagine the jump to a product of 15.6 inches that weighs 2.3 kg and has a thickness of 24 mm.

Obviously one can end up supporting them on the table to consume and produce in the tablet mode I imagine that cartoonists will enjoy the diagonal in a Tablet but I’m not convinced that this use case justify the appearance of a team that seems to be made with a single purpose by HP: they could do it, period.

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