APU AMD A-Series Pro

In addition to its integrated graphics, AMD has introduced its new AMD APU Pro, which will release both desktop and notebook computers and aims to provide business users with increased performance. They have been designed thinking about getting the most out of Windows 10 so that the first laptops to integrate these CPU natively take the latest operating system from Microsoft.

APU AMD A-Series Pro
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What about the performance of these new APU?

Apparently, it seems that the strategy of the chipmaker remains and will seek a balance between performance and price, offering more for less. Also interesting is the fact that no socket is changed so that those who may tell a MoBo FM2 +, will be able to improve your performance by acquiring one of these new APU. Faster graphics and AMD Quick Stream Pro (technology that improves and even eliminates the delay in VoIP applications) will stop improvements that bring us. Those who are looking for a laptop with high battery life, must know that the architecture of the A Series has been optimized in order to extend the life of it.

But, as you will see below, of the four models that have been presented highlights AMD PRO A12, with four cores at a frequency 3.40 GHz and Radeon R7 with 512 Stream Processors operating at a frequency of 800 MHz. Note that it supports AMD TrustZone (works on the hardware so that applications do about Secure Processor), HEVC codec decoding for streaming HD and 4K with Systems Architecture 1.0 and AMD Secure Processor.

Another of its main features are system on chip architecture which provides improvements in both graphical applications such as multimedia, in addition, the first processor with Heterogeneous System Architecture which achieves greater acceleration in the use of programming GPU which is a higher performance with lower power consumption.

Now we just need to know what will be the departure for all these computers and laptops which will implement it.
Model AMD Pro 
AMD Pro 
AMD Pro 
Graphics R7 AMD Radeon Graphics R6 AMD Radeon Graphics R6 AMD Radeon Graphics R5 AMD Radeon Graphics
TDP Configurable 12-35W Configurable 12-35W Configurable 12-35W Configurable 12-15W
Cores 4 4 4 2
Compute Cores 12 (4 GPU CPU + 8) 10 (4 GPU CPU + 6) 10 (4 GPU CPU + 6) 6 (2 + 4 CPU GPU)
Freq. CPU Up to 3.40 GHz Up to 3.20 GHz Up to 3.00 GHz Up to 3.00 GHz
Freq. Clock 800 MHz 800 MHz 720 MHz 800 MHz
L2 cache 2 MB 2 MB 2 MB 1MB
Contr. DDR3 DDR3- 2133 MHz DDR3- 2133 MHz DDR3- 2133 MHz DDR3- 1600 MHz

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