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At the presentation in Santa Clara, Intel introduced a new platform for the “Internet of Things“. It includes two reference architecture and a set of proprietary solutions optimized for the growing market of IoT. Among these new microcontrollers and SoC Series Intel Quark, as well as specialized operating system Wind River to support cloud services.

“Intel continues to strengthen its position by providing a comprehensive set of building blocks to enhance the capacity of its ecosystem in the area of ​​IoT. We simplify for our customers transition from the scale of individual “smart” things to the cloud using Intel Quark SE and specialized OS for microcontrollers,” – said by a senior vice president at Intel IoT Group Douglas Davis.

Intel IoT
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When in 2009, Intel bought Wind River Systems – Developer of California OS for embedded systems, expensive deal raised eyebrows. The idea of ​​”smart home” while many seemed half-dead boring concept that no progress on individual devices. Over the past six years, with the new developments of its own assets and Intel was able to fill the main space – to create a single platform – versatile and an easy to implement.

Today Intel IoT hardware running with the open operating system Wind River Pulsar Linux. It is a direct competitor to the other operating systems for embedded applications – Google Brillo. The key benefits of “pulsar” are a deep optimization and integrated support for cloud model SaaS. It is carried out at the expense of branded services Wind River Helix Lab Cloud and Wind River Helix App Cloud. Together, they provide an opportunity to develop applications for the IoT and approbation of all services in a virtual environment. During the operation phase, these services also provide a platform for common management of all devices IoT and simplified access control.

Along with many by Intel launches partnership program helps to quickly move from test creation to finished business-oriented solutions. One of them has been tested in Levi Strauss & Co. Thanks to the Intel platform for IoT, the firm has become more effectively manage inventory. In addition, to optimize the display of goods and improved quality of services, each shelf condition monitored in real time. Therefore, when the buyer asked the jeans of a certain size, style and color, the seller knew exactly where they are.

SAP has become the first company to develop a comprehensive solution based on the Intel IoT. The cloud layer it presented an analytical platform SAP HANAa high-performance system, storing and processing data using relational database technology NewSQL in-memory. It is able to provide better control of key business processes, performing analytical queries instantly. However, without a constant supply of fresh data the value of such intelligence is low. Role of Intel IoT just too constantly update all the data in the database.

Yanzi Networks uses microcontrollers Intel Quark in their solutions for performance monitoring systems, “smart home” and “smart office“. Automation control lighting and other typical consumers of electricity can significantly reduce monthly costs.

Honeywell has created on the basis of Intel Quark prototype monitoring system of the plant site. It also assesses the physiological characteristics of workers involved in the suppression of fires, spills elimination of toxic substances and other consequences of accidents. Unified management via IoT technologies increases the possibility of preventive measures and coordination of actions in case of man-made threats.

Microcontrollers Intel Quark D1000 and D2000 is the basis for the powerful and energy efficient platforms, designed for processing large amounts of data. The abundance of supported interfaces and integrated hub simplify the connection of sensors and a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) allows the use of these systems in harsh environments without additional costs.

Overall, the new Intel platform for IoT solves two key problems: simplifies the integration of “smart” devices and provides improved control over the exchange of data between them.

Microcontroller Intel Quark D1000 is now available for order. More powerful Intel D2000 will be available by the end of 2015. Home sales SoC Intel Quark SE scheduled for the first half of 2016.

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