Go talk barbarity of such resolution will think some, and well, it’s an opinion I can see that is repeated in all the articles I had occasion to address this issue of the 8K resolution. It is understandable when neither we have come, and have really enjoyed what they are selling now.

I am not one to tell people what to think, but my time watching technology has made me understand that we must learn to look beyond, and what seems exaggerated or useless, ends up becoming normal, then move to be outdated. Another thing is the desire that the market place will make us spend money, but stop, we will not stop the wheel of the resolution.

When we used to have almost 4K TVs, computers with a similar resolution, and even mobile screens playing the same, there are some heavy Japanese who want their Olympics are in 8K. Obviously there is a whole industry a move pending.

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They are not the creators of all this, are nothing more than one of the catalysts, since the standard is created and defined there, and anyone who wants to receive, you can. Clearly an event like that will take place in Tokyo will be a before and after.

More pixels

In the end this is about pure and resolution, and 8K – also 8K UHD – is the highest standard that has digital TV right now, being more concrete talk about7.680×4.320 pixels, which gives us a spectacular multiplying number: 33 2 megapixels.

This practically give us space for casting a native photo made with the new 30.4 megapixel Canon EOS Mark IV – and left over site – and compared to what we have, there are sixteen times more pixels than Full HD, or four sometimes there is a 4K panel.

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Create and issue content is complicated

Technology to create such small pixels or as large TVs is there, this is more a problem of broadcasting and content creation that manufacturers wanting to create panels and processors. From CES 2012 we have been seeing teles brands such as Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung and Hisense. LG is one of 98 inch led last CES 2016.

Anyone following industry currently in charge of photo and video professional solutions will know that there is, and will continue to increase over the months. This runs a lot, is that from the point of view of publishers and creators, it is always better to have more resolution than is emitted or produced.

In the world of big audiovisual productions, such as film, it is also a reality using these cameras, signed by brands such as RED, Sony, Ikegami or Canon.

Super Hi-Vision with Sony and Panasonic

Technically there are two resolutions defined as UHDTV (Ultra-high-definition television), known as 4K (2160p) and that is of our article, 8K (4320p). Derived from the second we have what Japanese television NHK called Super Hi-Vision, which takes the same resolution and adds elements such as surround sound with 22.2 channels.

Well, we like it more or less for that are developing TVs like Sony or Panasonic companies, and they are doing from now hand NHK, said to be prepared the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In addition to having Mario, his Olympics must be the most technologically advanced, that we do not doubt.

Many will sound the tests that have been performing in Rio, recording of the Games with 8K cameras and broadcasting content to a channel specially created for the occasion. That channel could you see the Japanese in special centers, no one is at home or on TV or infrastructure to follow, but the next step is to eliminate these drawbacks. Here come into play Japanese manufacturer’s television operators, and of course, the government.

If we pay attention to Nikkei, which is the medium that is expecting much of this information, Sony wants to sell its TVs 8K in 2020. Panasonic says nothing, but is involved in the development at the same level as companies they are needed to achieve a success of the Japanese play, and everyone knows that the roost in the world of the TVs is Korean, and possibly in 2020 will also be a thing of the Chinese.

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