Nvidia GTX

Just when presented the new heavy artillery NVidia began to discover that there were manufacturers that gave a small format very powerful graphics, a few weeks after that Nvidia itself discovered us he had created a portable versions that had little to envy their sisters desktop.

The idea was clear, creating small and laptops that have few commitments to deploying graphics power . In the case of the mini PCs, or computers very small, we had not seen much, but the promise was present. Today we can find that specialized firms like Zotac move tab.

Nvidia GTX
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They do it with the series Magnus in October we plant a whole GeForce 1070 GTXin small form factor computer, and therefore we have a perfectly safe machine to play at a high level, as well as tell us the rest of your specifications. At a lower echelon no less interesting and there is a configuration with Nvidia 1060 GTX.

In the past, we had seen such computers that had very powerful graphics from Nvidia, as in the case of the GeForce GTX 980, but it is the public who had warmups and had not been designed to be poorly refrigerated. This seems to change with the new GTX10 and we will see them bore within teams with these features without special coolings.

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Entering the case of Magnus Zotac comment that both the model and the EN1070 EN1060 are even somewhat smaller than the model it replaces. The full dimensions are 210 x 203 x 62.2 mm, which do not be the world’s smallest model, but are pretty good for what it offers.

As good bare bones no clean options that do not give you memory or operating system, but there is also option to buy the equipment: the choice is Windows 10 Home. We note that the maximum option comes with an Intel Core i5-6400T processor – Skylake – 8GB of RAM, 120GB SSD format accompanied by a 1TB hard drive 2.5-inch

We finished reviewing connectivity, strength of small team: four video outputs (2 HDMI 2.0, 2 DisplayPort 1.3), two Gigabit Ethernet ports, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.1 Type-C, up to five additional USB and an infrared port for use a remote control.

We do not have information yet on pricing and availability, and we are confident that after this presentation more models of other brands will appear, especially hope to Gigabyte, which has devised for the ‘gaming’ solutions. Who will be the first to use a 1080?

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