Move over G5, LG is back with a bigger and better phone. Leaving behind the less than impressive modular design to its predecessor, the V20 is set to be released this fall—to the delight of audiophiles and shutterbugs around the world. With intense software allowing for improved control over audio and video, the V20 is sure to be a massive hit on the market once it sees its official release later this fall.

Where you don’t want to see it a hit is on the floor — or any hard surface strong enough to crack the screen and disrupt its internal specs. Here the V20 is much like any phone you’re willing to sign up for. As long as you’re paying for it, you want it to last, operating at peak performance while looking good. The chances of remaining as functional as it is straight out of the box plummet every day you use it without vinyl protection.

Vinyl in the form of LG V20 skins is the simplest, most affordable way to enhance the droid’s natural defence against wear and tear and keep it safe from nasty falls. Vinyl is an impervious material that forms an air-tight barrier around LG’s flagship. With a skin wrapped around the V20, its surface takes on sharp edges of objects like keys and pens instead of the LG’s vulnerable aluminum. That means your phone will stay in pristine condition no matter where you throw your cell.

Chances are you won’t be throwing your Android anywhere, and with a V20 skin you won’t be dropping it either. The surface of the typical skin is enhanced so as to give you more grip than the average aluminum backing. With more purchase against your fingertips, you won’t find it difficult to keep the V20 where it’s supposed to be — in your hands and away from the sidewalk.

Skins can only provide this protection when they’ve been fitted to the LG in question. If poorly measured, using the wrong specs, it will leave bits of the phone uncovered or it will have overlapping pieces that may snag and cause damage. Only skins from dbrand are cut with such a precision it has to be measured by the micro-millimeter. By following the exact blueprints as provided by LG, they’re able to offer complete coverage around its backing, bezels, and buttons without interfering with any of its audio or visual functions.

The V20 may not be out yet, but you can already design your skins so that you’re ready as soon as your pre-order arrives. With several weeks yet until its release, you have more than enough time to visit and choose which combination of color finish would best suit your V20. As an affordable and easy to apply accessory, you may want to design a few styles so you can interchange between your favorites.

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