Click pens, nail biting, scribbling on a piece of paper, bursting bubbles plastic wrap, or other activities of this kind are extremely satisfactory for some people, as it says relieve anxiety and nervousness. This behavior is known as “fidgeting” and believe it or not, it affects the productivity of people by subtracting concentration, therefore there are objects that seek to end this concern and need to have their hands full.

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Now a company name Antsy Labs who claims to have created the perfect solution to this behavior, and indeed seems to have hit the nail emerges, as his campaign funding Kickstarter is being a success to have collected so far more a million and a half dollars. The product has been named Fidget Cube and has everything needed for those anxious people.

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Fidget Cube, the surprise Kickstarter campaign

The idea is extremely simple, since it is a small cube and each of its six sides find a mechanism that can be activated with a hand, resulting in a release of stress privately and personally, so no It will affect those who are around.

Here we find a switch, gears that turn a dial, a joystick and buttons with and without sound, all included in this little bucket that can carry in their pockets.

Although it is a simple idea, it has been very well received in Kickstarter, since a week after he launched the campaign has raised more than $ 1.6 million this a goal of only $ 15,000, demonstrating that there is a great need to relieve this type of behavior.

The Fidget Cube is available in eight different colors and its price is only $19 with scheduled for December this 2016 deliveries.

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