MSI Game Pack

Now we have told you what is playing on the computer hung back, something that seems strange but in some conditions be necessary, for example, by requiring movement with a virtual reality helmet job. In fact the two most important systems in development – HTC lives and Oculus Rift – need an auxiliary computer, and MSI is one of the companies that are concerned about the weight of the brain that are going to carry around.

MSI Game Pack
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Well it’s been a few months since submitted its proposal backpack and computer-refined and have to get a much better weight and dimensions. The new model by the name of MSI VR One and reach the US market in October, still nothing about prices.

Not only have miniaturized the whole, also have become more powerful with the introduction of the latest Nvidia graphics, the GTX10 in its most portable versions. Come to the important fact, weight reduction has left the VR One at 3.6 kilos, it is practically a kilo less than the model we met before summer.

Two batteries to change in “hot”

It has better dimensions have room for a new battery system that can remove heat. By having two units, we can replace one of them without shutting down the computer. Another thing is the real autonomy of game or use MSI promises that the system gives to hour and a half of life when connected to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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It is more specific with the components in there, commenting that the selected graph is a GTX 1070, and is accompanied by an Intel Core i7 processor. We do not forget that this finally after all is a very powerful computer with compact, easily we can take back and use it as an ordinary computer.

To cool all this – in a backpack is a priority – there are a couple of fans and a system with nine heat sinks. MSI tells us that the maximum sound to produce does not exceed the 41dBA, and with the sound of the hull we will not find out. As for connections, not missing four USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI, a Mini Display Port, and USB-C with Thunderbolt support.

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