What has the 8K and the Japanese want to see their Olympics? An entire industry is aligned to this

Go talk barbarity of such resolution will think some, and well, it’s an opinion I can see that is repeated in all the articles I had occasion to address this issue of the 8K resolution. It is understandable when neither we have come, and have really enjoyed what they are selling now.

I am not one to tell people what to think, but my time watching technology has made me understand that we must learn to look beyond, and what seems exaggerated or useless, ends up becoming normal, then move to be outdated. Another thing is the desire that the market place will make us spend money, but stop, we will not stop the wheel of the resolution.

When we used to have almost 4K TVs, computers with a similar resolution, and even mobile screens playing the same, there are some heavy Japanese who want their Olympics are in 8K. Obviously there is a whole industry a move pending.