Google virtual reality

Google boosted the advancement of virtual reality for all audiences thanks to Google Cardboard, but now wants to go further with Daydream, a new project that aims to provide a virtual reality of high quality on mobile.

With the new Android N will arrive in autumn also come Daydream, this technology will go beyond what has been achieved with Cardboard thanks to the combination of compatible smartphones with this – not everyone serán – specification, a reference design for glasses, launch of a special control for Daydream, and also a specific section of Google Play for these new virtual reality content.

Google virtual reality
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The mobile virtual reality of high quality will not be for everyone

Google makers explained how you are new experiences of high-quality virtual reality for mobile will be based on three components. That will not all devices can access the most immerse experiences initially, but gradually more and more devices will have access to this type of solution. So we have…

Smartphones: Google will establish a series of requirements that make a smartphone is “prepared to Daydream”. Among them, a series of sensors, certain types of screens or a SoC to ensure that such mode virtual reality offers latencies less than 20 milliseconds. Several manufacturers offer devices compatible with this specification in autumn: Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel ASUS and were featured by Google.

Reference Design: Google also spoke of a new type of virtual reality glasses that go a step beyond what were the original Cardboard. Does not seem to see us again – that glasses of cardboard sketch reminds us more of the VR Gear, but the big news is not so much as those glasses that accompany them a small but “powerful and intuitive” control knob consisting of a trackpad and an orientation sensor that will allow us to move through these virtual worlds and their elements easily and quickly.

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Applications: The third key of the new high quality experience component is, of course, the software. Google will offer a specific section dedicated to Google Play apps, games and virtual reality content, and here and said that several major vendors are preparing their pitches in this regard. The New York Times, CNN, HBO Now, Netflix, NBA, Hulu, Lionsgate, or IMAX stand out as partners of this release that certainly promises interesting surprises.

In the brief demonstration of the platform which we repeat, it will not be available until October- we could see how that application store for virtual reality can be enjoyed thanks to these new components and a video in which virtual reality games were controlled with the curious little command which is one of the most striking developments of this new iteration. Visit for more tech tips.

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