Cut videos on Android

Which app to use to cut videos on Android?

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Thanks to increasingly high-performance cameras, smartphones have now become our favorite devices for taking pictures or shooting movies (even long lasting ones) wherever we are. In this way we can share images and videos with our friends, sending them via instant messaging apps or uploading them to social profiles. But […]

Android Launcher

The 11 best launchers to customize your Android

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Years ago installing a custom launcher was almost mandatory. They improved notably the performance and agility of the desktop and the drawer of applications in addition to putting many customization options. Today its usefulness is more for the second: offer a lot of functions to put to our liking the main screen of […]

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business, the platform for companies that seeks to be the source of income for the company

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After several rumors and clues, Zuckerberg’s company is finally confirming the deployment of the beta version of ‘WhatsApp Business’, the exclusive messaging platform for companies with which WhatsApp seeks to start earning income, as we know, up to date today the courier company does not get a cent of its more than 1.300 million active monthly users, so […]


WhatsApp starts checking business profiles as part of its monetization plan

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WhatsApp wants to dominate the world, and the next thing in its plan is to attract as many companies as possible to communicate with the more than 1.300 million monthly active users that the messaging platform currently has. This is the beginning of his strategy that seeks to monetize the application, because WhatsApp still does […]

Workflow by Apple

How important is the purchase of Workflow by Apple and how to start taking advantage of this app

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In 2014 during a hackathon in Michigan, four students dreamed of building something capable of automating and connecting applications on a mobile phone. 36 hours later, the first provisional version of that idea came to light. Three years later, Apple has acquired the most versatile App Store: Workflow for iOS. […]

Google keyboard

A Google keyboard for iOS? The strategy to conquer the Apple OS continues

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Few companies have services with a scope and presence as those of Google, which have been driven by its significant participation in smartphones Android, in addition to its Chrome browser available on several platforms, which allows us to directly access to these services where the key has been that everything is […]