Spotify does not support their clones and threatens to take legal reprisals

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In mid-February this year, we learned of the launch of a product that caught our attention: YouTubify; a script that anyone can purchase since for a price of around 35 dollars and that helps you create your own Spotify without too many headaches or programming skills “in just a few minutes.”


Our smartphone could serve as a tool to warn of possible earthquakes

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Earthquakes can become devastating; therefore, there are institutions that try to predict when that will be presented one of these natural phenomena. Unfortunately it not yet found a pattern or cause related that we can alert you when we will have the presence of an earthquake; today rely on systems that detect unusual movements and launch […]

The Easiest Way to Find Your Stolen Android Phone

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Smartphones have become an extremely important part of our lives, making it hard for us to even imagine our lives without them. They are a source of almost everything for us, be it communication, entertainment, convenience, etc. Now that it has become such an important tool for us, it can […]