Smartphones have become an extremely important part of our lives, making it hard for us to even imagine our lives without them. They are a source of almost everything for us, be it communication, entertainment, convenience, etc. Now that it has become such an important tool for us, it can get quite difficult to go by if we lose it somewhere or if it gets stolen. Due to this reason, we have outlined some of the ways that can help you find your stolen Android phone.

Spy Apps

Spy apps have come a long way as now they offer a ton of features. One of these features is called location tracking, and as the name suggests, it can track location of the device it’s installed on. Most spying apps enable you to track your device simply through GPS, but some apps like keep track your device even in areas where GPS fails, using Wi-Fi and radio signals instead. You will be able to know where your mobile had been throughout the day, helping you to know its location without a hitch.

Android Device Manager

If you are reluctant to put your faith in spy apps, then you have to rely on Android Device Manager. It’s a built-in tool that is present in every Android smartphone and requires you to register yourself using your Gmail id. Once you’re signed into this app, your phone will always be tracked no matter where you are. If you forget it at some place or it gets stolen, you simply have to use Google search engine on any PC to locate your phone. Just write that phone has been stolen and it will ask you to sign in through your registered id and password. After successfully signing in, you will be taken to Google Maps, where you will be shown the current location of your device. If it is somewhere that’s accessible to you, then by all means get it back. However, if you feel that your phone has gone out of range, then you may select the ‘Erase’ option, which is shown quite clearly on the screen. The option will erase all the data on your phone, ensuring that your personal information does not fall in the wrong hands.

Go to the Police

If you have used spy apps and Android Device Manager, but to no avail, then it’s time to go to the authorities. With the help of information that you gained from the aforementioned tools, you will be able to inform the police about the potential whereabouts of your phone, making their job a whole lot easier.

There’s no single best solution to find your phone. It really depends on the situation. Knowing that, it is advised that you seek help from a powerful spy app offering more than just one tracking method, along with Android Device Manager so that you can rest assured that even in the case of theft, it would be able to retrieve it, in most cases at least.

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