Cut videos on Android

Thanks to increasingly high-performance cameras, smartphones have now become our favorite devices for taking pictures or shooting movies (even long lasting ones) wherever we are. In this way we can share images and videos with our friends, sending them via instant messaging apps or uploading them to social profiles. But there is a problem, especially if we are used to create videos and send them while we are around: we could consume all the data of our tariff plan and find ourselves so without connection or be forced to pay to continue surfing. It is at this point that the video editing apps come into play, which allow you to edit, reduce and cut the videos on your smartphone in a matter of moments.

To do so, however, we will be “forced” to resort to the Google Play Store. In fact, smartphone manufacturers rarely include video editing apps as part of their standard equipment, and users do not know what to do when they need to cut videos on their smartphone to reduce their size. As mentioned, in these cases the solution is present in the Play Store: just locate the app that best suits your needs, install it and start editing the videos stored in memory.

In this list we have included the app to cut videos on the Android smartphone, especially for those people who do not have much knowledge with editing. This way anyone can use one of the suggested apps even if they have never used a similar program in their own life. Here is a list of the most recommended video editing applications to install on our Android smartphone to share a personalized video with friends on social media or in messaging apps.

Cut videos on Android

Easy Video Cutter

As the name suggests, Easy Video Cutter is an easy-to-use video editing application. Designed specifically for video editing, this app lets you cut and merge multiple movies. You can also extract an MP3 track or create a GIF from the video same. Furthermore, we can insert a watermark, rotate the video and add effects. The only flaw: before cutting a video we will have a preview but if we add an effect we will not have the preview. Surely Easy Video Cutter is the most recommended video editing application for all those who need a quick editing of a movie and do not have much knowledge about it and at the same time do not want to waste too much time to learn something professional. It’s complicated.


If we are looking for a more complete application, but always very simple to use, Timbre is the alternative that is right for us. Thanks to a very intuitive interface, Timbre allows us to edit a video with filters and add watermarks, cut or rotate it, but also to edit an audio track within a few tens of seconds. The app also has a feature to merge multiple movies and create a custom video collage. Finally, with Timbre we can also transform our video into a GIF or more simply extract an audio track to use it on other movies and so on. The only flaw in this case is the preview function, which is completely missing here.


VidTrim is the perfect application if what we want to do with our or our videos is to cut them. The program has a quick function for cutting, copying and pasting a movie and splits each video in milliseconds to be able to do a really perfect editing. Before performing any action we have a preview function that shows us how the video looks if we apply the change. The app also allows you to extract MP3s, join videos and capture a photo from a movie.


YouCut is one of the most popular video editing applications in the Android world and also among the most used. The reason is simple: it is really simple to use even if it has numerous functions. As we upload a video we are asked if and how to cut it, then we can add filters, watermarks, effects and so on. We can also add some music in the background. For cutting videos you can use milliseconds and each movie can be rotated and adapted with a different resolution. With YouCut you can also merge multiple videos to create slightly more complex videos.


Androvid is an application with a very basic interface, which helps those who have no practicality to edit and edit video. With this program we can do a few things but it will be easy to do them. For example, we can cut a long film thanks to the possibility, zooming with our fingers, to go to the part of the video that interests us most. In addition, we can rotate or flip the movie or add music, and I expect that on some other applications is not possible with Androvid we can also edit the movie by inserting text written by us. Useful if we want to insert subtitles or additional information.

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